B2B top 2009 economic trends

, April 17, 2009 18, CO sponsored by the state power grid, China e-commerce service alliance to join the Ningbo Information Industry Bureau, Ningbo national hi tech Industrial Development Zone fourth small and medium-sized enterprise electronic commerce application development conference held in Ningbo Nanyuan hotel. This is the second year of the general assembly after the "Chinese e-commerce are successfully held in Hangzhou," Shanghai "again, industry website Zhejiang, held the conference is committed to creating the industry website headquarters base" in Ningbo city.

China B2B research center to visit the venue to bring the latest reports and dynamic news, and excellent industry website CEO interview.

, China’s B2B e-commerce first "Netsun chairman and President Sun Deliang and vice president of global MFG.com Jin Xiaobing Tejari Greater China President Chen Zhiming, vice president of network manufacturing China Xu Jianfeng, Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong to participate in the forum to discuss.

for the following text record:

anchor: each year, the conference will be president of the dialogue session, in the past year were summarized, some trends of the judgment of the next year, so today I think there is something special, first of all I would like to China as an ordinary Internet users, to a grand introduction of a person, he is in Chinese Internet e-commerce is still in the embryonic period, the three key CEO one surnamed Wang, one of them is that we live only a beauty CEO Wang Shutong, now we are very happy to see Miss Wang Shutong, there is a problem I’m curious to ask Wang, what makes you determined to come back to do a B2B website.


network CEO Wang Shutong: I think 99 years, the first generation of a China electronic commerce these entrepreneurs, each of us has a firm belief in the blood of e-commerce’s future prospects, so I want to continue the electronic commerce in the end make our faith. Dunhuang network is for SMEs CEO e-commerce, that is to say the Dunhuang network created a second generation of B2B e-commerce in 04 years, we achieved a complete line of international trade, said Professor Chai is the small and medium-sized enterprises, B2B needs to continue to deepen, so we also see e-commerce can be very effective and powerful to release of small and medium sized enterprises the productivity, which is today the main topic of communication.

host: Thank you very much for giving us the beginning. Foreign trade B2B has been under very great pressure, including before this, Guo Zong also spoke to the foreign trade B2B raised their concerns, just today, please go to the guests are the most representative of the foreign trade CEO. Foreign trade CEO is inseparable from the foreign trade industry chain changes and changes in the industry. Mr. Sun Deliang is inside and outside your service industry chain in foreign trade, 08 to 09 years are those that changed


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