Analysis of the development prospect of the auto industry online trading site

With the maturity of

, Dangdang and other e-commerce website model, more and more Internet users began to choose online shopping, so more industry pioneer began to test the internet. Tencent, launched a professional auto parts online trading platform, auto parts auto parts from the traditional trading patterns in talent shows itself, cool distribution network has become a new milepost in auto parts industry of e-commerce, but because of the audience buying habits are different, not all industries can find their own profit curve in electronic commerce in the model, the development of online shopping is suitable for auto parts industry, there are still many difficulties. How the prospects for the development of auto parts online trading site


at present, in China’s auto products go online pin road seems unfamiliar. For consumers, the car is still high-end goods, for car parts identification, purchase, installation is very little to know, there are still many concerns and uncertainties in the online purchase of auto parts. According to some online shops, because the real Chinese within the personal credit system is not perfect, at the same time, many problems of auto parts industry itself (such as counterfeit and three goods) is not possible because of changes in marketing and solved. At present, there are problems of online auto parts market management is not standardized, and not unified, counterfeit products emerge in an endless stream, were slaughtered more amount of money is still small, auto parts products can not be general products, if the use of counterfeit products and the emergence of accidents, it is a life-threatening event, so consumers in the online purchase of auto parts still exist many the worries and concerns, this is the main reason restricting the net sales of auto parts products.

although the online sales and purchase of auto parts and there are still many problems, but the auto parts network management is the future development trend, network management has many advantages: the Internet to buy auto parts for customers, regardless of the dealer, or for the auto parts production enterprises, is a good thing. First of all, for auto parts manufacturers, the Internet can be more convenient to collect customers to buy auto parts in the process of the various issues, and timely feedback to the auto parts manufacturing enterprises. Production enterprises can analyze the customer’s purchase intention, so as to meet the market demand. It can save time and cost, and to seize market opportunities. Secondly, the use of Internet information and convenient services, manufacturers can be informed of the parts of the vendor’s inventory and sales situation, so as to adjust their production and auto parts allocation plan. Auto parts vendors to reduce inventory, speed up the flow of funds, access to a more satisfactory income. For users, they can be the Internet, like the "point menu" like the need to choose their own auto parts.

market information for auto parts manufacturers and vendors is essential, and can easily get through the internet. Internet auto parts manufacturers can provide customers with real-time information on the spot. This willingness to demand information can help manufacturers reduce the cost of auto parts sales, which are usually