B2C website music Amoy network will get Baidu investment

Baidu executives before the establishment of the music Amoy network will get Baidu and several other venture capital joint B round of investment (second round of investment).

is said to be the music Amoy Amoy children’s toys B2C vertical e-commerce site, but due to the audience is too small and the transformation of well-known franchise brand footwear products.

Bi Sheng is one of the team members in the Robin Li business, Baidu listed before leaving, but when they leave the hands of Baidu still have a lot of options. Baidu listed on the NASDAQ in 2004 when Robin Li also invited to the ceremony together Bi sheng.

music Amoy network access to Baidu financing in addition to the founder of the old margin with Baidu, but also because B2C is Baidu’s last chance in e-commerce. Prior to Baidu has ah is not too successful, so Baidu is dense layout of B2C e-commerce. The well-known e-commerce category B2C investment opportunities have not too much – red children, Jingdong mall has been included in the wind into the capsule.

of Baidu, electronic commerce is the must from now on will have to start a game – cloth C2C Taobao has an absolute advantage, B2B Ali has become climate, only the overall balance can break through the field is B2C.

previously, Baidu and Japan’s largest B2C e-commerce Lotte invested a total of $50 million joint venture "Le 100 online" has been set up in Beijing Tongzhou.