Why cross-border electricity supplier preferred U.S. server

with the popular cross-border electricity supplier, the server started to become the world’s attention, so why the rise of cross-border electricity supplier, so that enterprises started noticing the use of American server as the site of the operation and maintenance of the fortress of


1, U.S. server access speed

no matter what time, speed can be said to occupy a great position, according to the Internet Information Center tests, the waiting time, the website is in abroad to open an average of 8 seconds, if it is more than 11 seconds, it will be turned off. The user experience is the website always adhere to the fundamental, time is money, no one is willing to waste time on an unknown site. The Internet is the world’s data center. Any overseas information can be said to have been switching transmission here, so the server here is equivalent to an information gathering, while the United States is the world’s largest bandwidth, user access to servers in the United States, you can enjoy high-speed access, to solve the problems of slow user opens a web page, open the page.


2, the U.S. server to overcome the exchange of visits

Under the

and domestic server compared to servers in the United States to overcome the defects of domestic server – visits there, most of the time because of Telecom and Netcom can not and can not access the server visits. The United States does not exist in the server Netcom can not access the problem, are in general form. Reduce some unnecessary trouble online.

3, U.S. server configuration

the first computer from the United States, so after many years, high configuration has been very common, unlike the beginning of the computer configuration is in a low profile, the development stage. Therefore, the United States server configuration is not a problem.

4, U.S. server room management and equipment


server room Dallas room is ranked first in the world, from the engine room, the external circuit line inscribed, server layout distance, constant temperature measures, constant power system, hardware and software upgrades, and other network equipment and hiring senior management personnel, technical personnel and other areas can be said to be the first. The United States Silicon Valley server raksmart network connection and infrastructure completed in line with the Tier-3 data center (SAS70& SSAE 16 certification) standard, is recognized as one of the best server in the United States.

5, U.S. server price

U.S. server prices can be said to be more affordable, which is also the reason why many overseas owners love, inexpensive. Why is the configuration high, the bandwidth is big, the performance will be able to benefit the price?. If the United States in the early days of the computer, it may not be so cheap, there is a craze, a boom, it became common.

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