Opportunities and development strategy of China’s small and medium business under the new environmen

With the massive popularity of

wireless network and intelligent mobile phone, mobile e-commerce has become more and more the more urgent is included in the planning blueprint for the development of small and medium sized network operators. The fact is that, the reform pace of modern life and the electronic commerce brings to the consumption habits of mobile e-commerce to rapidly and widely accepted into the tide of development of small and medium sized business in electronic commerce in china.

is currently in Chinese mobile service based three telecom operators and telecom giant, mobile, Unicom, mobile e-commerce has been as an important part of its business, with the mobile phone as a communication terminal, convenient people can accept online services whenever and wherever possible, from the view of various information to travel, shopping, buy lottery games and the formation of a full three-dimensional network service providers. Especially the recent rapid development of two-dimensional code technology, the mobile terminal electronic scanning, you can quickly enter the electronic business, the mobile business service more convenient, basically to achieve a seamless consumer and small network operators online network of goods and services. It is expected that mobile e-commerce will become part of an important share of the future development of the territory of small network operators in electronic commerce, and in the direction of the development of e-commerce every small network operators will mobile e-commerce planning as an important work of their future development direction, so as not to compete in the future. After the person. Mobile e-commerce will also continue to develop with the development of electronic technology and communication technology.

1, promote e-government development opportunities

The development of

e-commerce, the small network operators available to others on the Internet, and need to be provided more and more services, the government for these small and medium business participants to provide supervision and service, also needs to keep pace with the pace of reunification to use the Internet to. Therefore, the development of e-commerce will eventually promote the development of e-government. In the process of government and business enterprise in the process of interactive communication, small network operators will be because of convenient and efficient network services to shorten the dealing with the government, so as to maximize reduce operating costs; and the government departments will also because the Internet is convenient to improve the efficiency of supervision and service, in this regard, the development trend of the electronic business, must be accompanied by the development of e-government, e-commerce and e-government are auxiliary, is bound to get a significant improvement in the speed of development and the trend of development.

2, under the new environment of China’s small and medium business development strategy

for most small and medium-sized network in China, how in the new economic environment complex, play to their strengths and avoid weaknesses, the use of electronic commerce the opportunity to develop and strengthen their own strength, is very important to make e-commerce strategies suitable for their own development. The following is a brief analysis of the development of e-commerce strategy from the perspective of leadership perception, business process reengineering, personnel training, etc..

Changa et al. Put forward the key to the implementation of e-commerce