The influence of the tide of traditional online shopping business cake have merit

19 billion 100 million yuan! Alibaba’s Tmall mall and become the history of the development of China’s online shopping on a thick and heavy in colours in the "double 11" on the same day the daily transaction volume of 1/6, this figure is almost equivalent to the sales of home appliances giant Gome 2011 Annual sales. According to the National Bureau of statistics, in October this year, China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods was 18934 billion yuan, in this calculation, which accounted for the proportion of online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of the country’s total retail sales in October reached 31.2% yuan in.

produced a beautiful answer in "double 11" online shopping in the promotion is not only Alibaba. China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that in the survey of more than and 400 enterprises in which 317 said in the "double 11" launched during the promotional activities, accounting for about 80% of Gome online mall planning minister Yu Liangchuan said, on November 11th, Gome online mall full category sales over the same period last month over 5 times growth. Jingdong mall data show that Jingdong mall orders more than 400 thousand single day, an increase of more than 290%. said, the amount of sales grew by more than 20 times.

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online shopping platform over the old and new gain a complete victory, as the circulation channels, online shopping and traditional retail dispute surfaced again. Chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group Ma said: the electricity supplier as the representative of the new business ecosystem for the traditional business ecosystem will carry out a revolutionary subversion."

however, online shopping tide can really swept the traditional business? Tens of thousands of stores really can only hope helplessly


cut the cake have merit

2005 Gome and Suning in Nanjing to start a price war, consumers are going to line up early in the morning, according to the transaction was announced at the time, the total turnover of about 100 million yuan on both sides of the day. 7 years, the carnival of the consumer from the line to the line, turnover actually turned nearly 200 times." Market research firm Analysys International founder Yang Bin described the vitality of online shopping.

however, "double 11" are not the online shopping market norm, announced in July this year, the State Council on the "target" several opinions to vigorously promote the effective protection of information security and information development is put forward, "12th Five-Year" at the end, network retail sales accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of more than 9%. At the end of 2011, the proportion was only about 5%. The proportion of view, online shopping is only in retail on the cake cut out a small angle, with digital theory, network shopping instead of premature traditional business.

even so, the consumer is always the club does not buy West ", the traditional commercial nature will not sit by emerging retail channels from business. From the double 11 promotion point of view, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing and other major cities in the traditional department store giants have launched large-scale promotions, head-on. Chongqing, a shopping mall and even launched a designated commodity 100 yuan when