Wallace Huo Ruby Lin, a public affair network on occasion to marketing manager

May 20th, in this romantic day, Wallace Huo studio issued a micro-blog official: "Hua said: I hope to get everyone’s blessing @ Ruby Lin", Ruby Lin then forwarded this micro-blog, for the first time that the two love, micro-blog forwarded instantly soared. I believe the next occasion to spread and marketing of the Internet will be opened. Network manager (www.91wzg.com), taking advantage of the marketing website hosting industry only listed companies also take this opportunity to discuss with you together "".


is an occasion to marketing, from the literal can be understood as to borrow some kind of influence, the products into the inside of the promotion, in order to achieve their own marketing purposes. Specific performance through the media to attract consumers, with the consumer’s own communication power, relying on easy entertainment and other ways to guide the market to guide the consumer. In other words, it is through the homeopathy, campaign, occasion etc, in order to improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise or product, establish a good brand image, and ultimately to promote a product or service marketing strategy.

is now in the form of the Internet "marketing occasion" is also used widely. The general enterprise in a certain period of time, combining the current social hot spots or focal events around a specific theme, the integrated use of a variety of Internet interactive technology, form brand activities to expand the depth of interaction and communication with consumers. Enterprises in the use of the Internet in the form of an occasion to marketing, the need to pay attention to is one or more links in all aspects of the topic, interactive forms and communication platform, the spread of a breakthrough innovation, caused widespread attention in the consumers and attract consumers to actively participate in the same time, greater communication effect.

is taking advantage of the marketing cost is not high, but it is known as the effect to achieve. The use of hot topics, focus events for famous enterprises, manufacturing topics and user close contact and interaction, so as to strengthen the brand effect.

also need to remind the enterprise, benefit is not equal to the occasion. Taking advantage of the marketing is also a double-edged sword, with a good, enterprise benefit; use is not good, may cause the brand promise. Therefore, the occasion may seem easy, everyone can borrow, but how to borrow, borrow, also is the enterprise need to pay special attention to.