Taobao mall renamed Tmall’s impact

Taobao mall today held a strategic conference in Beijing, announced the replacement of Chinese brand Taobao mall as Tmall". Taobao mall President Zhang Yong said, was not prompted by a sudden impulse to change the name, and thought for a long time. He said the first saw this name also feel strange, but cried and cried on the familiar, "Tmall" is a homonym of Tmall.

What is Tmall

? The cat is sexy and tasteful, Tmall is the representative of the online shopping, fashion, sexy, fashion and quality; cat born picky, picky, picky picky brand environment, it accords with the definition of Tmall online shopping to build the quality of the city, this is Taobao mall own interpretation. But no matter how to explain, Tmall word is no deterrent, the most likely to imagine selling underwear. After shopping, do not use the "pro", should say: meow, what to buy?..


but this is clearly not so "admirable, almost all of the comments are one-sided, not many agree. Renamed Taobao mall will have the following effects:

1, before a large part of advertising resources are wasted, Trout had to change a well-known brand and renamed logo had carried out this, spend huge sums of money to consumers between the ashes to ashes the impression that night, to advertise, allowing consumers to post brand, establish the image, this is indeed a quite a waste of resources.

The word

2, Tmall fantasy, cat and women association is relatively large, so renamed may affect some of the more sensitive psychological shopping desire.

3, Tmall and shopping are not related, consumers will be on this new brand and its confusion. And some of the cats are not very good. In some areas of commercial culture and life in a cat or a taboo word.

4, Taobao mall since the name of Tmall from Taobao to give people the impression, so in the propaganda would fall into the paradox? If the Taobao in the name of publicity would be a mistake to consumers the impression of the Taobao store.

5, the most awkward should be some of the Taobao store owner, suddenly the name will be changed to a similar XX red wine Tmall shop so

but these effects on Taobao actually are some trifles, since the name of Tmall Taobao mall is also done a lot of market investigation, Taobao mall "is to get rid of Taobao C shop to low-end Taobao quality influence, want to change a name, let Taobao mall become more high-end. From the Taobao impression, therefore also must have their own reasons for Taobao.

accounted for Taobao’s B2C market share, since the courage to change its name, but also the ability to pull back the loss, and to develop new online shopping rules. Taobao mall has changed its name to make a video with Tmall, the public