Shen Jie Jingdong mall part of the distribution of the peer said between each other pieces of suspec


said Jingdong reject part of its electricity supplier delivery order tact escalation (TechWeb pictures)

October 16th news, Jingdong mall confirmed that the application to the Jingdong mall merchants issued a notice, will stop its delivery to the mall Jingdong goods.

Jingdong mall, said Shen Tong is the specific reasons for the delivery of the distribution is being understood, and actively communicate with the company. "Because the Shentong suspended service is open platform Jingdong mall third party merchants transport from the warehouse to the Jingdong store distribution center, has nothing to do with the consumer oriented delivery service, so as not to experience for consumers shopping mall Jingdong have any impact."


mall also said that the media reports mentioned in the SF, tact and other courier companies appeared to reject the message is not true, the part of the business operation.

for the cause of the cause of Jingdong Shen Shen, Shen Tong side said that Jingdong mall has received a courier license, the two sides are competitive relationship with the industry. In accordance with the provisions of the State Administration of posts, each other between peers suspected illegal pieces.

in June 25th this year, the State Post Bureau announced the 2012 express business license annual report audited in accordance with the provisions of the list of the first batch of companies, Jingdong affiliated enterprises "Jiangsu mall Jingdong Information Technology Co. Ltd." finalists. This means that Jingdong mall officially get courier license. (E)