Brand enterprises by e-commerce third party service providers as catalyst

at the beginning of 2009, Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand with 3 men opened a shop at the mall Taobao, to October of that year, based on the monthly sales exceeded 10 million yuan, becoming the first to enter the Taobao mall sales of 10 million yuan level clothing store. This result allows Shanghai Tesier universe Business Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tesier") vice president and chief operating officer Wang Xiaohua surprised.

Tesier is UNIQLO’s customer service outsourcing service provider, Taobao mall Taobao took UNIQLO Wangwang, call center, e-mail, customer relationship management and other functions, there are currently more than and 50 person team of UNIQLO service. It’s a big success, the firm Tesier inroads into the electronic commerce service commitment, before this company has never been involved in this field.

numerous "UNIQLO" due to their active (electronic business prospects) or passive (channel management) reasons, began to get involved in e-commerce. They are familiar with the management and marketing of traditional physical channels, but the lack of experience in the Internet market. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of the industrial chain, they have the Internet infrastructure technology, warehousing and logistics, express delivery, call center, marketing and other aspects of outsourcing.

and those "Tesier" became the "business partner", to find their own market space. In 2009 December launch of "Amoy" plan, has gathered many similar companies, to provide personalized products and services for the Taobao brand sellers and settled enterprises. "We wouldn’t be surprised if some of these companies were listed." Taobao CFO and Taobao mall responsible person Zhang Yong said.

low cost solution

in the end is what kind of a group of Companies in the end what they can help e-commerce companies to solve the problem?

Tesier to provide services including UNIQLO order management, online chat, deal with the consulting e-commerce website published, commodity inventory management and system maintenance, to Chinese UNIQLO area network members regularly send mail, magazines, services related to order processing software, public relations activities and search engine advertising linkage.

Shanghai business school network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "business school") and may not be so loud, but bring it services to customers, such as BELLE, carpenter is as everyone knows. Business school is also to help traditional companies to open a shop, is the highest share of the domestic online software provider, serving over 50 people around the SME customers. It is optimistic about the market positioning of its third party e-commerce services, Lenovo’s investment has sent two rounds of investment.

Pei Dapeng, founder and vice president of

, said in 2002 that he would be happy if he could develop 200 customers per month, and by the year of 2009, he added up to $1500 a day. As of the end of 2009, the business of the customer to reach 500 thousand, for small customer fees but only $two