Amazon store came O2O, experience store or service station

a month ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon plans to open a store in Manhattan’s most prosperous commercial street, is expected to open at the end of this year. Today at noon, reports from Sina Technology confirmed that the Amazon store program has been further implemented, the specific situation is like this:

Amazon rented 40 thousand square meters of New York building, with a lease period of 17 years

Vornado Realty Trust from Amazon has agreed to rent the hands in the city of Manhattan in a 47 square feet (about 43 thousand square meters) of the building, part of which will serve as the day of regional distribution center and warehouse as well as the company’s first store for the end consumer. According to a statement released by Vornado Realty, the Seattle e-commerce giant has agreed to sign a 17 year lease contract. Specific amount, did not disclose.

Amazon’s lease is located in the The Empire State Building opposite the building, once settled in a Ohrbach’s Department store.

Vornado Realty said that the 12 story building is an office building. The company also said on the website, Amazon has all rented this building has 113 years of history.

According to

, informed sources said that Amazon plans to use some space into a mini warehouse, same day delivery service, New York city product return and online orders from mentioning the business for some inventory. In time, Amazon is also possible to use some of the products here, including Kindle readers, Fire tablet PCs and set-top boxes, etc..

"we rented this building as the company’s office space, but also ready to part of the first floor outlets leased to other tenants." Amazon spokesman said.

in the early June 2012, Forbes reported Amazon plans to open a bookstore in his own boutique headquarters in Seattle City, Kindle and Amazon for book features, including e-books and paper books. Since then it will be said to be a retail store, which is intended to be the biggest problem in the physical retail store: the monotony of the goods, monotonous. But the plan has not been confirmed.

retail competition pressure from the line, Amazon has to do the store

tiger sniffing author to di believes that American business environment and the domestic existing customers and market great difference. The United States in the retail business, more is realized by traditional retailers, which is WAL-MART, best buy, Krogh and other traditional offline retailers to achieve trade to the residents daily retail consumer satisfaction. Relatively speaking, the electricity supplier to the Amazon as the representative of the share in the U.S. retail market share is not large, although it has also made rapid development, but at the same time traditional retailers development should not be overlooked.

with most of the traditional retailers in the United States to expand the line service