Amazon push 7 clothing line of sight aimed at sportswear

Amazon cares about fashion apparel industry for a long time. Last year, the retail giant quietly launched 7 lines of clothing products, including casual menswear, contemporary women and children’s clothing, accessories.


and now, Amazon looks to the two years by the Lululemon with fire sportswear. This new trend is exposed from Amazon’s ad.

advertisement said, their own brand in the brand team manager, "to create a unique DNA sportswear brand", one of the main responsibilities is to promote financial growth, productivity and profits as well as product development, sales, management of supplier relationship and customer experience."

the past two years, Lululemon and Fabletics brands such as us a sports and leisure wind, the United States leisure clothing market size to $44 billion. Young white-collar or dog aunt, all dressed like to practice yoga and whenever and wherever possible; real people who practice yoga, square dance parade at home. Related new brands emerge one after another, such as Beyonce, Topshop also launched its own sports leisure product line, the traditional sports brand is not a small impact.


however, recent data suggest that the leisure clothing bubble began to burst, saturated market prices, in December last year, was a threat to the Lululemon position of Yogasmoga filed for bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal said the value of the assets of this company millions of dollars to millions of dollars, but the debt is almost the same level.

industry analysts have begun to sing the market, the main problem is that the market is saturated, the market has more than 2 thousand casual wear brand, each new brand are said to be the next Lululemon".

so why did Amazon get into the track,


first of all, this is still a profitable market, although the market growth rate fell from 15% in 2015 to $12% in 2016, but still expanding. Secondly, the track for the Amazon, perhaps not a big problem. After all, Amazon is not just a retail site, or a "clothing search engine", according to Bloomberg reported that more than 55% people would like to buy clothes when Amazon (rather than Google) search. Maybe you won’t remember Yogasmoga’s website address, but when you buy a bunch of other things on Amazon, it’s easy to add a leggings.


analyst at Cowen financial analysts believe that Amazon’s huge transaction data database and consumer browsing habits can make it a place in the competition, it knows what customers want