nventory 2014 China P2P net loan industry eight memorabilia

in 2014 this year is over, the P2P industry is Rainbow Night. On the one hand, P2P net loan industry vigorous development, the growing scale of capital flight into the office; on the other hand, P2P platform to run away incidents, capital investment is not in the minority.

2007, China first P2P platform, pat loan was established, until the end of November 2014, a total of 1540 P2P net loan platform. According to the China network monitoring data show that in November a total of 89 new platforms on the line, more than 800 thousand investors platform, turnover of $31 billion 324 million.

Hongling venture billion yuan bad debts

record of bad debts involving 4 Paper Co

"Hongling venture chairman Zhou Shiping in August 28th Hongling venture capital community Post said bad came, slowly digesting it openly admitted that the company involved a total of 100 million yuan of financing projects may be overdue, clear this project as the bad debts, Hongling advance principal and interest.


lead venture capital Hongling produce bad debt financing for the Guangzhou paper Tsui, Guangzhou Lin Feng paper, Guangzhou Ming Rui Trade, Guangzhou Kingsany paper, respectively by Hongling venture capital financing 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan, 25 million yuan, 25 million yuan, a total of 100 million yuan loan, 4 loan project split into 14 standard, the number of 4567 people involved in the investment, the investment amount of 21 thousand and 900 yuan per capita.

refused to reveal all the details of the loan to help

the last fig leaf was ripped off

in May this year, someone broke the news on the Internet, said: Loan Help network cooperation agency Qianhai lease transfer expires due in late May 19, 2014. As of November 19th, the net loan has helped 12 million 800 thousand of bad debts, involving investors up to more than and 500 people. President Yin Fei will take legal proceedings ", published on the bad debts will not spread to the investors to pay principal and interest guarantee" remarks, lively discussions on the internet. Some people think that the loan to help network does not reveal all the details of the P2P net loan behavior is the last piece of fig leaf pulled.

The cause of

is caused by bad loans to help network project cooperation institutions in Qianhai will lease cooperation funds embezzled privately to Sichuan a real estate project, due to issues related to the real estate projects, by the relevant departments to stop, causing the entire capital chain rupture.

and financial investments love "hit the mark"

a standard two borrow cited wind control questioned

in October 9, 2014, some investors broke the news on the Internet, instrument manufacturers to add liquidity "project JK-SD-HG-00302-A project with high similarity of love fruit of financial investment in October 3rd released in September 18th" issued after confirmation for the same project, the first bear partner Beijing financing Company limited by guarantee.

then the fruit of finance this project "