The first experience of e-commerce

as the industry cluster, enterprise procurement website first station, now has occasion Tongbao has more than 14 thousand industries, more than and 70 million member companies. In 2010, when the Tongbao strategy in the industry segments of the market has been very obvious, and spared the article around the industry. In 2011, when man is also doing my part, the industry segments of e-commerce as a priority among priorities.

recently, NetEase, Sohu, China Electronic Commerce Research Center, and other major media have reported that the bridge for aspiring to make achievements in the industry segments to build the traditional elite mettle, the long-awaited occasion Tongbao valve network on April 1st on the line, a franchise industry website first station.

International Electronic Commerce

subdivision Tongbao overweight

2010, on occasion Tongbao subdividinge commerce spared the article, and doing well. Investigate the characteristics of different industries in all walks of life, to explore the diverse needs of industry enterprises. And reached a strategic partnership with Baidu, Google, Sina, media and Tencent, NetEase, Zhejiang and other domestic Internet also has a mature and stable relations of cooperation.

as the industry cluster, enterprise procurement website first station, terminus occasion Tongbao now has more than fourteen thousand industries, more than and 70 member enterprises, to provide service and support for the content and flow of industry websites.

must do something valuable to society, we must engage in win-win career." This is the occasion of the reign of chairman Zhang Yangping core value for the industry segments project view. "The occasion Tongbao with open attitude to their share in the Internet industry technical and operational advantage, cooperate with the experience and resources of the professionals in the industry, and meet the needs of industry users industry website". Therefore, with the occasion of the reign of businesses increasingly penetration, it should expand the segments of e-commerce has become an unavoidable topic, be not at all surprising.


, the recruitment of research on occasion Tongbao of various industries and professional talents, undoubtedly indicates that it has to focus on segments of e-commerce platform in the field. In-depth coverage of NetEase, Sohu, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center, and other major media, is bound to make the occasion Tongbao become the focus of attention of 10000 people. It is reported that the occasion Tongbao will also launch led, sanitary ware, chemical fiber industry website. As the diversification of the Internet for business occasion Tongbao industry segments of e-commerce experience to add new elements in the field of electronic commerce, its strength and achievements are also gradually.

break through the pseudo industry e-commerce bottleneck

pseudo industry website or a new term, can be said that the so-called "three noes" of industry website, that is "no industry research, no function, no business license, which belongs to shoot the head, think of an industry, we apply the code structure, the relevant industry data industry website accumulation.

as a pseudo industry Web site, there is an empty space industry Web site, but can not meet the professional needs of industry users; there are filing qualifications, but