The domain name has been registered in the Xiamen gaming giant

Xiamen, a network company registered by a global network game giant domain name, was the other to court, Xiamen City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance found the company yesterday cybersquatting, ordered to immediately cancel the domain name, and compensation for each 3000 yuan.

Shanghai Shanda network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as Shanda) is currently the world’s largest online game companies, around June this year found a network in Xiamen science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as a network company) will be "grand" Chinese Pinyin Shengda registered CN domain name, then to the Xiamen City Intermediate People’s court proceedings.

Shanda sued, grand is both the name and abbreviation, but also a grand registered trademark, is a well-known trademark. Royal company since its establishment in 1999, at an alarming rate and write development miracle network game business, development and management of network game has a very high visibility and reputation. 2006 profit reached more than 3.1375 yuan, the total assets of more than 12.3778 yuan.

grand company, the company chairman Chen Tianqiao and other entrepreneurs influence the public, enhance the "grand" brand value and status, the company became the grand China most well-known online game company. "Grand" trademark is well-known trademarks of the relevant public, with a high reputation and can bring higher operating income and profits of well-known trademarks.

Shanda believes that the creation of the network will be Shengda registered as a CN domain name, but the company does not enjoy any rights to the domain name, there is no registration, the use of the domain name justification. A network is a network enterprise, knowing that the "grand" brand high visibility, and use of the domain name registration is still negative, long-term holders, and exclusive right to prevent big register and use of the domain name, with obvious malicious.

grand company also believes that the "Shengda" as the "grand" well-known trademark as domain name CN Pinyin, once put into use will inevitably lead to social public confusion and misidentification, serious damage to the "grand" huge intangible assets, to the right of the well-known trademark of unfair competition.

royal company requesting the court finds that the "grand" trademark as well-known trademarks, and ordered the company to immediately stop the infringement, the cancellation of registration of the domain name "", for big companies 3000 yuan payment to stop the infringement.

for the grand company’s allegations, the company has not made a written reply to the network, the court also absent.

court held that a network company registered "" domain name is the well-known trademark "grand" imitation, without any reason, without the use of long-term holders, Shanda intends to stop using, subjective malice obvious, composed of royal company exclusive right of trademark infringement, ordered the company to immediately cancel the domain name of a network and the corresponding compensation for losses.