Survey shows inappropriate domain name strategy hinder the development of enterprises

A survey of

foreign media reports, about 82% of the companies surveyed believe that the domain name lost than losing the CEO caused more damage, about 72% of the companies believe that an appropriate domain name is more important than the right talent or right office. Sedo, which is responsible for implementing the survey, points out that an inappropriate domain name strategy would prevent the development of a company.

"this is not an exaggeration to say," the senior Internet legal scholar Zhang Fan said on as an example, they nearly 9 million day online traffic, nearly 18 billion 800 million of sales each quarter, if a domain name is really lost, such as overdue renewals and be registered first, it will bring direct and indirect losses huge to Taobao, then even if Ma Ma, may not be able to restore the decline.

in fact, there are many domestic enterprises have eaten this loss. For example, in 2005, the end of the world domain name hijacking dispute has let the network famous community site Tianya community is very passive. At that time, because of the improper behavior of former employees of the horizon, the horizon community original domain name "" can not be normal to cause damage to the site, Tianya online brand, more importantly, as a result of the accident has lost the original domain, resulting in the loss of the user community.

, however, things are quite different now. Industry veteran observers Zhao Fujun said that the Chinese or Chinese enterprises, compared with the English domain name, Chinese CN domain name is equally important.

from the public point of view, the survey shows that more than 90% of the public believe that the Chinese CN domain name is easier to remember and use, more than 7 of the Internet users said that the Chinese mother tongue can carry the brand of Chinese enterprises.

from the technical and application level, the full support of Chinese CN domain name has been IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape and other international mainstream browser and Microsoft’s VISTA operating system, in the address bar directly enter the Chinese CN domain can access relevant websites, which greatly satisfy the needs of users of Internet 2 billion Chinese language.

Zhao Fujun said that for businesses, the advantages of Chinese CN domain name is obvious. It is more conducive to the protection of the enterprise network brand consistency; more conducive to enterprise customers and potential customers to memorize; more conducive to all kinds of enterprises to conduct marketing and marketing.


(Microsoft) as an example, to spell out "Microsoft" is not more than 9 English letters, but "Microsoft" two characters, people not only is more important, for having heard it many times, not easy when the input error. As we all know, English domain names similar to the letter "O" and the number 0, the letter "L" and the number "1" and so on the appearance is very similar, it is easy to cause the user of the enterprise or website cheated. Before the fake Lenovo website fraud is the use of lowercase letters L and figure 1 is very similar to the implementation (with 1enovo len>)