For the rapid production of ways of foreign Wangzhuan English website

In view of the current

advertising alliance Wangzhuan prospects, domestic revenue decline, the overall quality of the deviation and other reasons, most of the garbage station to Wangzhuan abroad, domestic language habits and other reasons the current limitations of English station demand, most of the translated foreign websites simply cannot read

to do so, to be able to provide a normal reading of the Wangzhuan garbage station, you can use the following


1 quickly build +cms by purchasing data

common place to sell data such as Admin5 laggards Taobao often appear, the price range of dozens – a few hundred dollars

2 rapid acquisition of

by cms+

using open source cms to establish, zero cost, to find a good collection of source + acquisition rules, select a uft-8 template set on the OK, these basic can be 0

3 through custom

general custom site costs between 100-1000 yuan, depending on the quality of the price, the site offers a lot of customized web site, through their own search to find

cattle X Adsense marketing provided by a single site customization: a full collection of a key update, web site + space + art, 180 yuan

made the website consistent with the foreign reading habits, and through the General Alliance audit, meet the requirements of


finished to start your $