Suning sold regret Courier not handsome can return

mobile phone to buy a bad use – – back, express attitude is not good – back…… Competition between the electricity supplier has spread from the price to the service sector. Suning second O2O first fired in a double eleven Shopping Festival, simultaneously online and offline promotion, also launched a large dose of "regret" — 30 days unconditionalreturn. Li Bin, executive vice president of Suning headquarters Suning become the first chief surprise officer, by free single, sweepstakes, gifts and other ways to bring surprises for micro-blog fans.

gold wine Apple mobile phone does not return

as long as users with Li Bin’s official micro-blog participation, for Li Binfa’s regret, you can get O2O Shopping Festival in and Suning stores shopping 30 days unconditional return right. Suning market stakeholders, consumers within 30 days of the purchase of goods, without any restrictions on the return conditions. Even if it is because of the reasons for the damage to the goods, we also take it back, and even the buyer that the courier can not return handsome."

Li Bin official micro-blog issued regret medicine time for November 7th ~11 month 12, randomly sent out each day 10. In addition, 1 tablets regret medicine can only be used 1 times, and the total return of not more than 5000 yuan. Diamond, gold, watches, jewelry, accessories and personal goods, wines, antique crafts, collectibles, gift cards, virtual goods, mobile phone series does not participate in the activities of apple.

will lead to a surge in returns


30 days no reason to return, the regret will not lead to the return amount of sales of goods Suning during this period in


Chongqing Su Ning said, as of the first three days of November 9th, in the Chongqing area, it gains 500 thousand orders, the return rate is very low. Their analysis, the return rate of the entire event will not be too high, because the eleven price is very favorable, the price may not be able to buy back in the future.

industry believes that Suning "regret" is actually an extension of the new consumer law. March 15, 2014 formal implementation of the new consumer protection law stipulates that, in addition to special merchandise, online shopping goods within 7 days from the date of arrival no reason to return.

users recommend more electricity providers such services

electricity supplier war eleven double push regret medicine, but also cause users point praise. Some netizens commented that, from the price war to service war, indicating that the eleven electricity supplier war is becoming mature, and even some users recommend more electricity providers to introduce such services.

for Suning’s regret medicine, Tmall and Jingdong do not express their views. 58 city, excellent purchase, Dangdang and other electricity providers also did not publish opinions.