Pat micro shop to be set derivative norm to hire one hundred thousand more partners

March 25, 2015 evening news, it is understood that the Jingdong’s pat micro shop was held in Shenzhen today announced the share exchange, launched the new distribution system, and issued the 100 thousand micro business partner recruitment program, launched the "micro business training camp" national tour.

billion state power network, pat micro shop Distribution of new home in mid March has been on the line, the new distribution will become the first home entrance late CPS distribution business, guide the majority of users use WeChat mobile phone QQ and other channels to carry out social business. Distributors will be screened by the operator of the operator, not only reference sales data and historical evaluation, but also on the commodity sampling and brand verification, only in accordance with the standards of goods can enter the distribution of goods.

in addition, pat will also be open to recruit 100 thousand micro business partners, the beginning of this year Pat has successfully recruited 10 thousand micro business partner. The recruitment of Pat micro business partners "in accordance with the classification of interest and people, such as pregnant mothers, digital Master, sports Master, beauty Master etc., so as to realize the socialization of precise marketing.

pat micro shop responsible person told billion state power network, in order to avoid being deceived by a variety of derivative "micro marketing training", pat will carry out a nationwide "micro business training camp", by Pat micro shop and officially authorized and trained third party lecturer together small classes, all courses are used free registration form. In terms of curriculum content, pat micro shop lecturer will be case + analysis + product experience + interaction approach.

pat micro shop responsible Guo Bin said, at present, the derivative industry uneven in quality, pat micro shop to create "the formal derivative", cultivate excellent micro business partner team to contribute their strength, let the industry in integrity, standard, system environment benign and healthy development.