Local community and O2O will be combined with the development trend of electricity providers

said that 2012 is a year to take off B2B and O2O, then what is the O2O model? Xiaobian to tell you that the combination of local communities and O2O will become the trend of development of electricity providers.

a, O2O localization characteristics

The essence of

O2O is actually "online soliciting, online purchase", very accurate description of the nature of O2O.

online commodity trading, can not meet the user’s understanding of the commodity, only rely on text, pictures and video, and the realization of the O2O is the scene experience, so it reflects the localization of O2O. Localization experience advantage:

1, authenticity, including the details of the whole process of service subjective experience;

2, high conversion rate, authenticity and interactivity, the final result is a higher ROI.

Social characteristics of

two and


has mentioned above, any form of online merchandise display is unilateral, unable to meet the needs of human communication, communication, interaction. The core attributes of the O2O is the experience, details, services, quality and process, so that O2O has a profound social attributes, the true feelings of socialization.

and local site mainly carrying local life services, consumer services, so that "experience" decided that the local community is the best operation mode, narrow living space, the outcome of the competition has emerged.

three, O2O competitive advantage

O2O highlights that the Internet is gradually returning to the essence of the service industry.

what can a local business website do? What can be done for the users? If it is only a technical system and an editor, these services will always be superficial and superficial. In fact, the best mode is to go through the road of the business community, the nature of the service to go business model, rather than seeking blindly, because the platform service is provided by the actual business one after another, this is the essence of O2O.

Limitations of

four, O2O

O2O so far still can not be like the general rapid development of B2C, the decline from the buy site to see clues.

for example, in fact, the network and the retail chain O2O similar to the industry, are required to be efficient, detail, cost. The retail industry seems to have matured, but the online O2O is still in the water test and exploratory stage, the next 5 years or even very difficult to have a monopoly of the industry monopoly, so O2O also has its own limitations.

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and O2O combined with local community development trend of e-commerce: 1, O2O with local characteristics; 2, O2O with social characteristics; 3, the competitive advantage of O2O is the Internet as the regression of traditional service industry; 4, O2O also has limitations.

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