Hey SF strikes the full development of the electricity supplier online and offline mode

Alibaba shares intime, Wanda, Baidu, Tencent announced the joint venture Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong, the full development of online and offline electricity supplier model…… This year, whether it is online giant or line chiefs, the focus of attention is increasingly focused on the integration of online and offline business.

, "Hey" is the courier giant SF works. This sounds quite cool name, starting from May 18th this year, a new definition of the SF community store online shopping service. In the past 4 months, how the integration of the SF line associated with a reporter?.

hey off exactly how

the evening of September, autumn breeze. Beijing city Chaoyang District district to double traffic streams of people busily coming and going. In the area near the South Gate of the office Deshang, popularity is not too busy. One of the 5 building a Deshang which is "Hey" double to shop. On the face black red box white, eye-catching. Into the shop door, a unified style of decoration, and other "Hey off" shop consistent.

store about 20 square meters, only one clerk on duty. The walls surrounding the poster, both fresh food, and household appliances and mobile phone, wine, watches etc.. In addition, the store is also being carried out special promotions such as edible oil. The store placed in the middle of a computer screen, the clerk told reporters, can refer to these posters and objects in the store orders, "the prices of commodities and in SF preferred the price is the same, but the store in order to enjoy the full 200 yuan minus 20 yuan discount, if your account number in the SF preferred order, can you can not enjoy." However, the reporter observed in the store experience, there is no other person into the store consulting or orders.

reporter learned from the SF customer service, there are currently Beijing "Hey" nearly 90 stores, mostly located in the surrounding communities. For example, "Hey" the new Hualian shop is located in Tongzhou District District of the new Hualian home near, manager Wei Hongmin said, is located in this is because there are several mature community residents nearby, for young people, the consumption capacity is relatively strong. "Hey" market planning official said, the use of big data accumulation of SF logistics location, "Hey" choice in online shopping active near the community, these places are more likely to achieve a value proposition that "Hey".

"Hey" market planning person in charge: compared to consumers with mobile end shopping, "Hey" experience the advantages of service experience and return service, customer orders, the goods to the store, customers can directly experience before making the purchase, if it is appropriate to return on the spot. Compared with the traditional electricity supplier 7 – 11 days to return, "Hey" through a strong logistics advantage of SF, the fastest can be done the same day to return, 3 days replacement. The future ‘Hey off’ will launch suitable for mobile end shopping applications, allowing customers to enjoy anytime, anywhere."

at present, SF "Hey" opened in the country around 2000. "We hope to be in less than one year"