Four factors affect Chinese e-commerce format

peaceful development is the main theme of the times, in times of peace, we are most concerned about is the economic construction, but from the beginning of the second half of last year, the global financial storm swept the entire village, the economic situation is not optimistic. However, from the G20 summit to Boao forum, to explore the global economic community and let us see a glimmer of hope out of the crisis. Since the effects of the economic crisis began to occur, e-commerce has been seen as a good medicine to save the economy in the country, generally favored by the people.

on various occasions in the spring of this year, e-commerce is like the branches of the flower all over each corner, has been described as: e-commerce downtown chunchao. However, electronic commerce is delicate, especially in China, more needs the joint efforts of all sectors of society, only to recognize and solve the problems of e-business development, create a better e-commerce environment, in order to lead the direction of Chinese e-commerce, which can get great development.

e-commerce security issues can not be ignored

according to the latest survey shows that in 2009 China’s Internet users reached 293 million, the overall e-commerce market is growing rapidly, and with the rise of online transactions, more criminals are also targeting this new big cake, the black hands toward the Internet was pure.

almost all of the current domestic trading forum, second-hand transaction information platform are full of fraud information, and even some large e-commerce sites are no exception. At the same time, e-commerce payment security issues are also very prominent. However, due to the virtual network and concealment, many criminals to the battlefield to e-commerce, many Internet users complain incessantly in fraud, abuse network unreal and ruthless.

therefore, it is necessary to develop a more secure mechanism and technology to ensure the interests of consumers, which is an effective measure to solve the problem of e-commerce security.

lack of large-scale B2B distributor support

China e-commerce still stay in the B2C phase, is also the electronic mall, this is a very simple model, simply traditional stores moved to the Internet, and often the lack of coordination, it is difficult to form scale. In fact, from the perspective of the practice and trend of the development of international e-commerce, B2B business occupies an absolute dominant position in e-commerce, and in this process, distributors play a key role.

B2B can only develop, through the B2B website and distributors work closely together, through the rapid response network, provide better service for customers, and thus can greatly promote the development of business and e-commerce. What’s more, B2B is in the upper reaches of B2C and even C2C, so its development has a decisive role for B2C and C2C. It is gratifying that the country’s largest e-commerce solutions provider ShopEx recognized the limitations of e-commerce channel flattening, and dare