ncrease in social channels into the self built social networking platform on-line


technology news (Guo Xiaofeng) September 27th news, China Mobile (micro-blog) terminal industry chain and channel cooperation signing ceremony was held today in Beijing, China Mobile after the introduction of the TD and TD-LTE product development strategy at the same time, it also emphasizes that the future sales strategy. Mainly take its own channels and open channels.

, which has its own channels and open channels of electronic channels will be the future development of mobile channels. The general manager of the mobile terminal company assistant Tang Jianfeng in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology, mobile electronic channels open platform has been with Taobao, the Jingdong launched a close cooperation, in addition, the electronic channel of its own platform is under construction, the year will be on the line, is the name of the mobile terminal in the online shopping mall.

it is reported that in the conference, China Mobile and Suning, Gome (micro-blog), Dixon and other channel partners signed a strategic cooperation agreement. From 2012 to October, the national chain stores all stores and the late opening of new stores will be open to the mobile, and in accordance with the actual situation of the stores to build China Mobile business acceptance and terminal experience, sales area.

Tang Jianfeng said that since the mobile terminal is very important in the development of the company since the establishment of open channels, promote three channel development, electronic channels that own channels, open channels and two channels involved in. The purpose is to better promote the TD terminal brand awareness.

it is understood that China Mobile is upgrading the electronic channel system in accordance with the unified style, unified interface, unified content, including the online business hall, SMS business hall, business hall hotline "and" handheld business hall "and" self-service terminal ", three years and strive to achieve the electronic channel system with strong competitiveness in the industry.

mobile CEO Lee Yue also said at the meeting, the future will increase the investment and construction of social channels. Specific investment funds did not disclose.

from the official China Mobile latest data show that as of January this year, the online business hall integrated views up to 1 billion 629 million times; query success rate of 97.8%; business management success rate of 93.3%. SMS business hall number of active customers up to 250 million, the business handled by the pen, the success rate of business processing of 91.1%, 250 million. China Mobile electronic channel business accounted for a steady increase in the basis of last year’s 76%.

digital operators, said the person in charge of the electronic channel, the next 3-5 years, electronic channels will become the main force. Currently, China Mobile is increasing the use of electronic channels and electronic channels of KPI assessment, some of the county and municipal companies to handle the electronic channel business accounted for more than 80%.

analysts also pointed out that natural electronic channels has the advantages of all-weather, low cost, fast speed, convenient service, no geographical restrictions, can make online operators to fully meet the needs of different users, increase user stickiness, differentiated competitive ability. China Mobile is not