1 billion 300 million users can create personalized domain name next year

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) announced on June 26th in Paris, the board of Directors voted the same day a large increase in the number of new network domain is proposed, paving the way for the release of the Internet domain name registration limits in 2009.

ICANN CEO Paul · Toumi said that the final plan will be announced early next year, and in the second quarter of next year to implement. The implementation of this program means that about 1 billion 300 million Internet users around the world will be free to create personalized Internet top-level domain. ICANN board of directors also passed another resolution on the same day, decided to support the creation of the use of other languages, including non English letters of the network new domain name.

ICANN was founded in October 1998, headquartered in California, is a non-profit international organization. Its main functions include the management of Internet top-level domain name, the Internet IP address distribution, etc..