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and selling after the storm, the Internet to buy brand-name

? Read: admitted that third party merchants selling " " 8 fidelity measures; the failure of Jingdong and selling businesses or facing millions of fine luxury electricity supplier fakes rampant Jian Zhen teller counter cannot fake

online shopping has become a part of many people’s lives, mainly because of its easy to buy, price concessions. The Internet to buy brand-name and luxury goods, has become commonplace. However, this is regarded as the future of the big cake market, the development has encountered difficulties. Recently, the media broke a company called Yi Peng sunny company by Jingdong,, Amazon and other well-known Shop No. 1 business platform selling fake international brands, the major electricity supplier suspected of knowing and selling fake scandals. For a time, selling events become micro-blog, WeChat and other social software is a hot topic, caused a great disturbance, the parties There were many discussions.

the first time electricity supplier allegedly issued an official statement to come forward in order to restore the credibility of enterprises and retain the hearts of consumers, a thorough investigation of the matter, and related goods and related stores were off store shelves and emergency treatment, promised unconditional return service for consumers and damaged the interests of apology. However, the parties have responded have different opinions and ideas, and selling after the storm, in the end also should not buy online brand, has become the focus of public discussion.


apology although sincere purchase need to be cautious


luxury goods selling in this storm, the major electricity supplier platforms have shown a positive attitude and treatment, to give consumers a high money losing money, apologize to the ceremony. But from the consumer’s point of view, the majority of consumers to accept the apology at the same time, holding the critical attitude generally condemn unscrupulous merchants selling fake bad, that it is not only contrary to the basic integrity of the market mechanism and the occupation ethics, coupled to the culture of the entire industry and disrupted the market order, but also consume consumer trust in the well-known major electricity supplier and dependence. Family of online shopping Mary said: "the customer is God, the most important business sales is to seize the hearts of customers, retain customers, but selling event was that consumers were dissatisfied with the draw further apart, disappointed business platform." Mary believes that after selling event, the future will be appropriate to change their online shopping habits, must be alert, reduce consumption, meditate purchase, reduce the luxury online shopping desire and reduce the number of purchases.

and some think we should eat a cutting wisdom consumers compared, there are some consumers view international brands online sales of negative. User Xiaoqian, false sales network already very much, is a normal phenomenon, online shopping cheated must do to prepare. Electricity supplier from its own economic interests, sales results, in order to gain profits and sell fake goods, do not agree but can understand." Miss Zhang, who bought the international famous brand online, said in an interview that she would continue to buy online