Public comment review of achievements in 2014 2015 when high speed weakens the group purchase safe


note: in January 23rd, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao at the company’s annual meeting of the annual speech, he reviewed the 2014 public comment in the company, personnel performance, internationalization and hotel, online booking and other departments. At the same time, Zhang Tao put forward in 2015 the public comment business growth is 2 times the market, the proportion of non – buy a larger proportion of the target. The following excerpt from Zhang Tao’s speech.

from 2013 to early 2014, the two venture, start BU and organizational structure changes, we are also from 3700 a year ago to the end of December doubled, close to 7500 people. The city has also expanded to more than and 100, a lot of jobs in the restructuring and has a very big change with the construction, upgrade a lot of system, whether it is Appollo, customer service, our HR system. The company management level, we have done more standardized and standardized, from the talent assessment, performance measurement, promotion, the bonus mechanism, sales value.

review 2014

2014, the market competition has become more intense and white hot. A variety of public relations war, capital war, value war, talent war, etc., we can be very proud to say that the public comment in 2014 to really complete the high speed train for the difficult work of the tire technology.

2014, the public comment buy business made a major breakthrough, in November, the public comment on a single month to buy more than 2 billion yuan turnover in December, buy a single day turnover exceeded $100 million. Public comment group purchase the number of users and the number of CO tenants increased significantly, as of mid December, compared to public comment at the beginning of 2014 group purchase transaction volume growth of more than 2 times, group purchase business cooperation with public comment merchants are nearly 5 times at the beginning.

in which we PC in the industry down trend, we have been growing, we have a multiple growth, gave us a great surprise. Is a very awesome figure. In addition, we comment on the total number of the past year is the sum of the past 11 years, reaching 60 million. We also hope to be able to see in the first half of 2015, the total number of comments we will soon surpass the U.S. public comment Yelp. To become the world’s largest idle away in seeking pleasure review website.

from the beginning of 2014, we began trading platform and promote the split of two departments, in many places to open. Then we rebuilt the system, Appollo system, etc., we re combed the entire team management. Sales bonus, KPI, value and so on the background, we also expanded a lot of cities. Competition in the market price is also in the quarter by quarter upgrade, in this context, we still achieved three digit turnover growth.

which we are from April until December, the entire market share steadily, especially in the last quarter, the market share has a significant increase. We expand these cities, we are also the growth rate