January electricity supplier financing over 12 billion which areas of concern

in the past January, the electricity supplier in the field of venture capital financing occurred 40 cases, down from the same period in January 2016 of 24.5%, the amount of financing more than RMB 12 billion yuan. In the financing rounds of entrepreneurial firms, A B rounds occurred most frequently, a large number of start-ups through the difficult initial stage to the normal development of financing, most still occur in the electricity supplier vertical segments.


excellent letter second-hand car financing amount of up to

used car electricity supplier excellent letter of second-hand car for $500 million in January to become the only billion to complete the E round of financing and won the best enterprise financing amount.


It is reported that

, excellent letter of second-hand car belongs to the excellent letter group brand, officially launched in March 2015, has launched nearly two years, excellent letter used car online car source volume has nearly 2 million 200 thousand, and provide the perfect service extension.

excellent letter CEO Dai Kun said, "over the past few years, excellent letter has accumulated rich experience and strong strength in the field of B2B. To help dealers solve the wholesale problem at the same time, excellent letter will continue to contribute to the dealer in the retail business, to achieve interoperability between dealers and consumers. On the other hand, the "excellent letter of second-hand car" platform through Car Buying process transparent and ensure the quality of the goods, and gradually make the potential Car Buying group transition from semi professional people for general consumers, to further promote the second-hand car retail market vitality.

it is reported that the second-hand car business since 2015 to hot up, the second-hand car industry there have been more than and 50 cases of investment and financing, the cumulative amount of up to $3 billion for the financing of most second-hand car companies are: melon seeds, excellent letter and everyone car, the car is easy to shoot, car, car, car every day to shoot the cat, worry free the car set treasure, car three hundred. However, because of the high cost of passengers, online and offline mode is not clear, the chaotic trading system and other reasons, the main players in the market who did not profit and difficult.

logistics express industry has entered a period of profound change

since 2016, logistics and express industry, capital operation has become more and more intense, A new force suddenly rises. related segments. 2017 financial events in the year 5, logistics express class occurred from the beginning of the financing amount of more than $4 billion 500 million in total electricity supplier in January accounted for 37% of the total amount of financing, including logistics express and related segments of the.

express: excellent speed express 2 billion yuan to complete the A+ round of financing;

: $300 million per warehouse to complete the C round of financing;

City: but the Czech city with UU, run errands, both completed tens of millions of A round of financing;

electricity supplier in the field of the last one hundred meters: Feng nest intelligent express cabinet also completed a A round of financing of $250 million.

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