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, the Economic Observer reporter Liang Jialin Lou Ruodai Alibaba was acquired in his own company, become the new Ni Xue who Ali (a pseudonym) in addition to a year to complete a set of questions, including professional standards and company system and value examination, and do not feel much from Ali Jianghu culture.

is the Alibaba mergers and acquisitions for a year in her company, she always felt the company culture and Ali’s culture is independent of each other, the Alibaba has not only airborne CEO, equity control and compensation incentive is similar to the link is one of the few.

and Ali from Hangzhou to North Korea is obviously felt the difference between Beijing and Hangzhou. From the capital international airport landing, placed in the city of Tmall electric appliances, Tmall supermarket Ali eyes, is a completely different new market. They try to make "Tmall red" into the "Beijing red", a more traditional "service for the people of Beijing" slogan, even the Beijing market more than 70% express car brush out half a "cat", a "double 11" on the eve of numerous pieces of mobile billboards.

all this, starting from Alibaba launched the Beijing strategy. In April 2015, Ma announced at the annual meeting of the staff of Alibaba in Beijing: Beijing as a second home court outside Hangzhou; group of six major business groups and "health" and "happy" two plates into all of the Beijing – Hangzhou "double center"; the first half of next year, the Alibaba of Beijing Wangjing new office building is expected to usher in "opening" and thousands of employees……

after a lapse of 15 years, Alibaba re anchored Beijing. 15 years ago the Beijing branch hastily, 10 years ago in the acquisition of Beijing Yahoo China to Tmall this year to join the The climate does not suit one., Suning to Jingdong launched the "battle". Beijing, Ma Yun is the former foreign trade and economic cooperation in the operation of e-commerce sites, the logical starting point of the electricity supplier, but also by the Alibaba as the 102 year of the company, the focus of the next 86 years, where the.

when Mr. Ma decided the third time. He and Ali will encounter what


into Ali

2001, Alibaba established a customer first, employees second, shareholders of the rules of the third. "Lonely Nine Sword" (nine values) were asked to recite, and as a key performance indicator (KPI) is an important part of the assessment. Early, also adhere to the "inverted" culture ", represents a change of thinking to see the world"; Alipay advocated "fingerprint culture", said the deal with money to be honest; and the software is the "Red Army culture".

but a staff member who works in Beijing, said the former belongs to Ali’s unique "Amoy" cultural atmosphere, now more and more thin.


Ali Beijing staff said that after the acquisition of Alibaba UC browser, High German map, the latter not importune employees as employees of the Alibaba as a martial arts like "flowers", do not insist to use Ali unique "students".