Tmall double 11 new tricks by interactive games with the customers into the store


] Tmall billion state power network annual double 11, almost all businesses acting competition, crowding out the act of foot, exhaust all the skills, only to be pulled into the store "stroll".

and similar to previous years, in addition to the half off low drainage strategy, Tmall also plans to use the new tricks of interactive games, to attract customers attention double 11 day, so as to enhance the platform to enhance the stickiness, shop transaction.

may be affected by WeChat’s "hit the plane" "red envelopes", Tmall intends to the activities of the entertainment factor to climax. Billion state power network noted that Tmall has started to store interactive "deployment, centralized recruiting PC and mobile terminal based on (Tmall wireless) third party application of two stores (or plug) service providers.

from the current disclosure of information from Tmall point of view, personalized, creative, user stickiness will become the main benchmark for this round of game application recruitment. Tmall pointed out that the game will become a product in 2014 Tmall 11 double partner mechanism, one of the links to participate in the interaction of the two of the 11, there will be more opportunities for growth and harvest.

According to

billion state power network to understand, usually 11 years of Tmall platforms and businesses to play a leading role, is also the most busy. The preparatory process of the third party in wildly beating gongs and drums, service providers may serve as the best supporting role crucial "". The interaction of the store to the game service providers, Tmall has just opened a week or so recruitment channels. For a week after the deadline in September 12th, Tmall official will complete the review and subsequent preparation, the next stage will double 11 activities and product docking, involving product innovation and optimization of content will be at a later stage.

in addition, Tmall also said that all of the interactive game application by applying the arrangement on the line, will be unified logo, packaging and operation of the exposed plan will have the corresponding topic page, the entrance of the channel. "The expected promotion period for the October 15th -11 month 1 days, the interaction period for the November 1st -11 month 7 days, during the promotion application provided free of charge to Tmall business order, November 12 date to charge for application of the whole network users to public use."

Tmall 11 game flow chart

The 11 Tmall

apparently also double as a training ground for interactive game service providers. According to Tmall planning, in 2014 after the end of the 11 double, these products will become a daily application for all sellers online ordering service.

so-called online ordering application, referring to the Alibaba’s third party service provider for the application of online trading market. A lot of shop decoration, drainage promotional tools, ERP, CRM and other software applications developed by the third party, are on the platform for sale, for businesses to choose.

, but with the gradual loss of the temptation to drive the price of mobile Internet era, businesses attract customers, for social, gaming and other increasingly strong demand and even almost hot. A lot of fun social applications