Jingdong and the way home network were listed on the financing and short rent thinking

February 16, 2013, the Internet is filled with three pieces of information: the Qihoo 360 to buy the entire log treasure team; the way home network to complete the B round of financing two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan; Jingdong mall confirmation has completed a new round of financing of approximately $700 million. Zhou Hongyi shot, Luo Jun shot, Liu Qiangdong shot, the acquisition and financing coexist one day. This is indicative of an investment boom in 2013 is coming, how the Jingdong financing and listing, the way home network from May last year, financing, through more than half the time of re financing, to set off on holiday apartments.


Jingdong refinancing accelerate the pace of listing

2013 a lot of attention of Jingdong, Jingdong are forecast in 2013 will be listed, even if Liu Qiangdong had not listed the relevant comments, but for the careful observation of the people, is to have to have the Jingdong listed on the stage. Jingdong in 2007, the Jingdong store obtained from today’s millions of dollars of capital financing; by the end of 2008, capital today, bull capital and famous Asian investment banker Liang Botao Private Companies totaling $21 million for joint injection, to provide funding for the rapid development of Jingdong mall; at the beginning of 2011, the Jingdong mall to get Russian investor Digital Sky Technologies (DST), a total of 6 Fund Tiger Fund and social celebrities financing totaling $1 billion 500 million; in February 16, 2013 the Jingdong mall has just announced the completion of a new round of approximately $700 million of common equity financing, investors include the shares of new shareholders Ontario teachers’ pension fund of Canada and Saudi investment company Kingdom Holding Co (Kingdom Holdings Company), some of the major shareholders of the Jingdong also with the cast of the round. From the initial financing Jingdong began nearly six years of history, and the Jingdong has been in profitability, for investors, the Jingdong can not be profitable, they will not return the capital, many investors in listed companies required by the stock market, investors need to absorb capital, so the emergence of enterprises in aimed at the listed market.

With the

Jingdong financing, Liu Qiangdong the right to speak will be diluted, even if Liu Qiangdong is not willing to present the Jingdong sent listed on the throne, then combined with investors will make Liu Qiangdong strong and become strong, decision-making is affected; if have preparations for the listing, then this financing is a foreshadowing, in order to create more data in the year of the past, Jingdong financing funds may not support this action and move. Throughout the entire Internet environment, every year there are listed companies, Jingdong and Dangdang and where the customer is hot this year’s largest Jingdong, if the listing is successful, the author predicts there will be a collective listing of the boom, from the start of the year a few months the overall business environment temperature has picked up, from the whole Internet voice will this year, business environment has greatly with no such as electricity > 2012