Mother and child O2O which form is more hopeful

said China’s vertical electricity supplier, it is really a wonderful work. In addition to and developed fairly good, the other is the basic of a sight. Whether it is clothing or shoes, where the class of Lok, or mother red child, that was how a scenery, but now also has faded aura colors. In the big Taobao, big Tmall electricity supplier environment, is the Chinese Internet vertical electricity supplier is really no hope of it?

The rapid development of

mobile Internet, finally let vertical electricity providers have found a new hope, especially the rise of O2O, is to let the vertical electric providers are highly valued. For the mother and child rely solely on the online electricity supplier is far from meeting the needs of mothers and babies in the industry, O2O renewed its vitality. Under the impetus of the capital, such as maternal O2O like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming in, they have emerged from various fields, to take advantage of this mobile Internet spring the rapid growth of healthy trees. But under the tide, which mode of maternal and child platform will eventually come to the tip of it?

one, the next line chain

The mother of O2O

line entity stores launched to paroxetine feeding children represented by entities under the line accumulation of natural advantages but also other platforms do not have the.

first, not just due to maternal maternal and child products on demand, and many mothers for maternal knowledge also has great demand, and parent-child activities, parent-child education has not passed the line completed, this gave the line store a great opportunity for development.

second, line entity stores the operation for many years, and accumulated a large number of loyal customers, has a considerable influence on the brand awareness and customer loyalty, they carry out online shopping mall is also easier to obtain mothers recognition. As we all know, a problem of online shopping maternal and child products most moms worried about is the safety issue, especially the baby food, a lot of vertical business platform is unable to take her mother first step of their trust and lead to premature mortality.

third, chain store through the line to the members of the online store and online store guide, customers can also develop offline store membership, the online interactive mode in the art of war is called double-pronged attack, hit his head and tail to hit its tail to head, the two complement each other, formed a very favorable tactical layout.

overall, the line resource is the accumulation of physical stores to enter the O2O biggest advantage in this field, but want to get a bigger breakthrough and eventually become a member of no platform mode, it also needs to break through the two difficulties.

the first difficulty, you need to make up for the lack of online platforms, compared to other electronic business platform for the mother, the chain operation of the chain on the physical nature of the store is still far worse. It needs to invest more money, manpower to the line, especially for the mobile terminal to create, only