The network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai to grab votes in hot 2010

November 9th, the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai (2010 hot billing. Shanghai will be held in Putuo in December 18th 2010 of the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai, by the media as "the last year thousands of chamber of Commerce network".

It is reported that

, the network capacity of the world 2010 summit in Shanghai, the key word is "tolerance" — B2B, B2C, C2C and S2X (service provider) "four network compatibility". The organizers are grassroots nonprofit organizations in Shanghai network alliance. Then, from around the country about 1000 e-commerce practitioners will be sharing e-commerce combat grasp the trend of dry cargo. At the same time, the grassroots network in the prestigious A5 stationmaster net, iResearch, micro-blog, Sina, network world magazine EC training network and other media in the field to "capture" case and the theme, participants the opportunity to greatly increase communication.

near the end of the year, all kinds of network capacity of the world 2010 conference as one falls, another rises, the Shanghai summit has particular value in what? To solve this problem, the summit conference group played a "grassroots" brand:

throughout the year, a variety of e-commerce and IT conference, the tone is high cold". Even Alibaba network conference is not a grassroots network can speak a few sentences. In particular, close to small and medium enterprises in the field of network marketing, it is difficult to hear a few words. We are talking about e-commerce or online marketing, is a network promotion and e-commerce through the exploration of the field, how do we basically end the grassroots who most want to listen to the content.

e-businessmen volume 2010 days Shanghai summit may rich Carnival and such a feast is not the impression of the people, more is the small and medium-sized enterprises and micro enterprises to combat confrontation and collision with the dry cargo sharing network brand card, let the small and medium-sized enterprises in reality through the summit, learn one or two for them on the Internet the operation and return to the office door network promotion method can do up.

e-businessmen are looking for is a no water dry cargo to the general assembly, the day and beyond the ticket price appreciation. As long as at the end of the general assembly, grassroots network operators to say a word is enough: "


for the summit meeting, the participants hope to gain the following group:

dry cargo

learned one or two simple and practical promotion methods;

with three or four share of the network teacher;

find five or six network integrated marketing ideas;


seven or eight network card brand marketing;

with ninety hope and passion of self-confidence.

e-businessmen let the world 2010 Shanghai summit ticketing website: