Visual search storm will set off a new round of fashion shopping

according to the relevant agency data shows, last year, the domestic online search market scale reached 7 billion 150 million yuan; more surprisingly, the first half of this year, the market scale reached 4 billion 660 million yuan, that is to say, the domestic search market growth rate is rapid growth, the most natural action is the Alibaba. Has cooperated with Microsoft, Sogou, also launched its own search engine "Amoy baby".

recently, see a search engine is the same for reports, interestingly, the search is not for text search, but the search by image, is a visual search technology based on image, and the upcoming picture storm, is repeated investment by the Alibaba group through image search to war similar goods caused information platform.

The function of

, users can search through the local computer to upload pictures, upload pictures and can get the similar products. At the same time, the link of the product address, business information, store information will be displayed in the results, the user can according to need, direct contact with the business deal.

to a web page map, is not the same with the design style of a cat, with orange tone.


I see in the beginning thought is another new project of Taobao, after the news investigation found that the original project in Hangzhou is a website launched in April this year, received a strategic investment group Alibaba, Alibaba does not own the project. The time was officially launched at the end of September this year, I see the Baidu and Google in the collection is good, good momentum.


is not only the domestic market began to focus on the image search technology, according to foreign news reports, Google CEO in August this year had asserted that the future search does not require typing can be completed, that image search will be the mainstream of future people search. And in the beginning of this year it has started the acquisition plan, at present, has acquired three pictures of the visual search company, began a new round of market distribution and promotion.

from the user perspective, for such image search, can bring great convenience and interest, imagine you are shopping to see passers-by clothing on a very exciting, feel shy to ask others what to buy, never mind, take a back home, search map can be found; watch entertainment news, a certain star his clothes is very beautiful, the picture to the server, search, can come out a lot of similar clothing, let you choose, is indeed a very attractive, with text to describe not to think of a way, not because they do not know the car magazine die wearing clothes brand and helpless, here can let

Search Search

from the business point of view, for more and more difficult to do advertising, how to make their products more excellent in front of consumers, the use of visual >