YeePay push electricity supplier chain

chain of e-commerce has become a trend, Su Ning, WAL-MART test the water have been initially successful. But in this car online e-commerce played like a raging fire that car chain, the next line is deeply troubled, funds transfer and cumbersome process together with the suppliers, the settlement process is long, these have become constraints. More importantly, the "chain of retail stores are widely distributed and a large number of bank accounts, the situation is more complex, not only in the more difficult aspects of allocation of funds, and capital returns slow, difficult to do the overall monitoring in the overall budget." YeePay FMCG industry chain for zhangkai concluded.

the problem of chain enterprise electronic payment proposed the urgent demand, according to Zhang Kai introduced, according to the current YeePay FMCG chain for liquidity management requirements, develop a set of perfect solutions, let the store chain between the allocation of funds and together can be completed timely online, improve the efficiency of capital transfer, so as to avoid the long process of the traditional mode of.

in the face of the small and medium-sized enterprise financing loans, but also one of the important point of yeepay. Zhangkai said, enterprises can according to their trading volume as a loan basis, through YeePay platform, to the banks for unsecured loans. For example, the amount of credit line in accordance with the total transaction volume of 20% to assess, there have been many small businesses to obtain financing, the highest in the current 20 million, the rest are around 300~400." At the same time, Zhang Kai introduced to YeePay platform and risk control team will also be user transaction data information to do refinement, effectively avoid the risks in the process of unsecured loans.