Jingdong to raise public equity financing in rural areas will soon be on the line

this year, Jingdong, Alibaba and other Internet giant financial layout is gradually turning from the city to the countryside.

yesterday (December 17th), "daily economic news" reporter learned that, after the ants will focus on the development of payment services announced the rural financial market, the Jingdong group also announced a strategic cooperation with the Grameen China in many areas, the two sides will help Jingdong powerful Internet channels and supply chain resources, combined with Grameen in Rural Micro experience in the field of financial services, to jointly develop China rural financial market.

Jingdong in rural finance (field) will focus on providing funds to farmers through credit mode." Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong said.

Jingdong insiders said, the Jingdong group and the Grameen China will explore to create a sample of Internet financial Jingdong Grameen financial model, and finally let the Jingdong channel sink strategy and Grameen micro finance models across Chinese vast rural market; at the same time, the two sides will jointly expand cooperation in rural areas of consumer and business loans.

In addition, Liu Qiangdong said at the press conference on the same day, Jingdong shares will soon raise the public shareholding


analyst: rural electricity supplier is the next blue ocean

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that the Jingdong and the Grameen China partnership will commence in three main aspects: 1, build Jingdong Grameen financial model, the Jingdong channel sink strategy and Grameen micro finance models across Chinese vast rural market; 2, the use of Jingdong for the Grameen China congregation raised platform the business of Jingdong from fundraising; 3, self built distribution network by the Jingdong, small loan financial and distribution departments and Grameen jointly provide farmers with financial cooperation solutions. In addition, the two sides will work together to expand rural areas of consumer and business loans.

economist Xu Xiaonian analysis pointed out that small and medium-sized enterprises and farmers’ financing is mainly embodied in two aspects: 1, information asymmetry, Jingdong precipitated a lot of information in online transactions, can analyze the loan applicant’s credit status from this information, it can effectively reduce information asymmetry; 2, borrowing too much small number of people, and a single loan amount is generally small, the cost is very high, this requires the Grameen Grameen business model, business model, the micro structure is actually the first to build a grass-roots society.

it is worth mentioning that, as early as in October this year, Ali said it would expand the rural finance, namely Alipay wallet to rural financial institutions, including rural credit cooperatives, rural banks, open cloud computing, big data technology, make rural credit cooperatives user package to achieve payment transfer financing, insurance and other financial the service through the mobile terminal Alipay money.

for Ali and Jingdong to the layout of rural finance, Chinese E-Commerce Research Center Internet banking assistant analyst money Haley said in an interview with reporters, the electricity supplier can help achieve channel sink, with the city electricity market gradually saturated, seize the rural market "