Rumors to the acquisition of ndia electricity supplier Amazon Flipkart

of Flipkart in the media asked whether the company will be acquired by issues this test, Flipkart spokesman gave a clear-cut answer: "No".

The Sales Department spokesman

Flipkart said: "this report is simply based on Weakness lends wings to rumours., based on the height of imagination. It is impossible to be bought. So far the company has not made any comment about the takeover."


past rumors


Flipkart on takeover event denied, but it is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The news earlier in the investment community prevailed, the economic times reported on Wednesday, said the initial estimate of $8 billion Amazon to acquire Flipkart, which is almost half of the previous valuation of 15 billion 200 million. The news said they had interviews with executives of venture capital and private equity firms. Sources said, Amazon for the electricity supplier business Flipkart raised $5 billion acquisition price, offer $3 billion for its logistics system.

sources said the two companies on the issue of buying a bargaining table, but in the end because the Flipkart side due to the acquisition price is too low to give up. The source also told reporters that there is no evidence that the two have reached an agreement or negotiations are still ongoing.

rumors did not stop

last month, reports said Ali against Flipkart in India to buy the India also look at fiercely as a tiger does, the biggest business platform, and negotiations are currently in the primary stage, the final will be enough to reach an agreement depends on whether Flipkart agreed to loosen in 15 billion 200 million on the basis of valuation.

In addition to Flipkart, in addition to

, there are also speculated that Alibaba is the industry giant and India Snapdeal and Paytm are talking.


really Ali stake in Flipkart, and decided to merge all three companies (Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal), so it may make the Amazon in a difficult situation in the status of India as can be imagined. So once the official offer Ali, Amazon is indeed likely to return to the negotiating table.


industry mergers, acquisitions and other true news reflects the state of development of the true mingled with the false, a constantly changing industry. But in any case, the performance of the giants is stirring the market impact of the direction of the development of the industry, any decision may cause changes in the current situation of restructuring, the formation of a new market structure.