Please eat Ma for European politicians intensive send good supply to Taobao Tmall


Beijing time on the evening of March 17th, just in the German Hannover Expo show after the brush face payment, with Merkel Taobao’s Alibaba Chairman Ma appeared in the Italy premier welcoming luncheon – MA and Italy Prime Minister Ferenczi, Italy Minister of economic development in Rome, the prime minister Goody held a meeting, the topic focused on how to make Italy the priority for Tmall Taobao direct goods fresh on the China consumers, and help small and medium enterprises in Italy into the e-commerce ecosystem directly reach the global consumers, as well as the detailed implementation plan and implementation plan.


, Ma made a micro-blog joked: "Taobao love Italy goods" hand chop party "blessed…… What do you want? As long as you want it, we’ll find a way……"

friends joked that Ma Yun was not a special mathematical level Duang, because the hand chop party to understand the micro-blog is not "you still have the money, but her husband, help you save the opportunity to


insider, Ma Yun’s trip to Europe is far from over, the whole trip is called "non-stop" dinner full – following the appointment with the Prime Minister of Italy’s "pasta meal", then he will immediately rushed to Paris, and the French president to perform "red wine" date – in order to help cut the hand of the party’s the horse really is students shopping spree, pretty fight.

Ma Yun’s efforts in exchange for "cut the hand of the party who have given high collective response, ridicule and resonance, with Anxi," Chinese aunt this defeat! You go to Europe is a shopping mall and a family, Ma Yun is a country a country sweep! "There is also concern," brother, watch your wife, and your hand……."

in fact, from May last year, the euro fell 20%, equivalent to the rhythm of the European Shopping audience of twenty percent off. All over the world ladies know, buy things now the cheapest place is Hongkong, not Thailand, not Japan, not the United States, but the ancient and elegant European

!It is reported that

, Alibaba and Italy is preparing a series of major cooperation, the euro exchange rate caused by the fluctuation of price, and cross-border electricity supplier innovation mode, the Italy quality goods, especially consumer price discrimination has long been big commodity, the price to the Alibaba’s business platform. This action is called "internal code Marco Polo plan".

in June last year, is being launched in Italy on, the more than 30 thousand girl kiss dessert from Italy to China by air, so that Chinese consumers for the first time to taste this Italy specialty dessert. But even more exciting for consumers, will be red wine, ham, olive oil, and even D&, G, Prada, Armani and other big names in Italy, Alibaba’s electricity supplier landing platform.

as a result of Tmall international to take the bonded into the line out of the model, a large number of Chinese consumers have