.Cn domain name 1 yuan special promotions let me worry!

CN domain has become Asia’s largest national top-level domain, in order to meet the national measures and the protection of corporate identity in China, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) launched a large discount activity,.Cn domain name add 1 yuan first year each, renewals, and years to (except for the first year) price unchanged, to maintain the existing price.

        although such activities for many stations in Changle was, stop the cost and reduce a lot of ah (was more than fifty of the domain name + space charge, is now 1 yuan + fee, but the space) also contributed to the webmaster do harm to search the limelight. In this way, I am afraid that the INFO domain name registration will be free, a large number of registered behavior and the emergence of a large number of dumpster phenomenon! At that time, many webmasters in order to increase the flow of the site, so that the major search engines included a lot of pages, will take a lot of garbage to a master station to increase revenue means! Due to the emergence of a large number of garbage station, so that when users in the address bar or the major search engines, when they look for the information they want, so spend more time! And sometimes when engine of a word, when to go in, there will be a large number of advertisements, such as passion movie advertising, free ringtones to lure advertising, while more and put some Trojan on the inside, so that the user’s computer poisoning!

    when the INFO domain name registration free of charge, but also made some millionaires rich! I do not know the.Cn domain name 1 yuan promotional activities can bring much joy to the community, but also with the number of people worried about the bet!


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