Let your domain name domain name and the PR value high income

traditional domain parking services (Domain Parking Services) is the domain name you to a page to someone by accessing your domain name or to the advertising page click on ads through the domain name, you can get income. Usually, the domain name parking provider, will automatically generate a web page for the domain name, so you need to park the domain name to resolve to his IP, the program will be based on the domain name to visit your domain name in the advertising page above. If someone gets through the post, click on the ad you will get the income. Therefore, some domain name investors will register a lot of domain names to do parking, to achieve the purpose of making money with empty domain. Some unknown friends will find, it seems that many domain names are the same person, because he saw the page after the visit are similar, so think. In fact, the domain name is different in the same station to do the domain name parking. In general, the domain name parking service allows you to make use of the idle domain name to make money, and you do not need to build your own website, to bring you a certain amount of revenue while increasing the opportunity to sell the domain name transfer.

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domain name providers alike, there are still some problems, such as some small flow limit membership registration, the instability of the system; parking page slow, long update cycle; parking income opaque, put on the chamber of Commerce buckle quantity, reduce the income; parked domain makes Google, Baidu search engine is not included. It is not conducive to the sale of the page template; less, not more DIY added their contents, especially foreign parking also limit domestic traffic, these are serious obstacles to the use of domain name.

then have a better domain name service, not sticking to formalities, some recommend here, a veteran of the domestic IDC service providers recently launched Chinese name domain name to the park features, which exists in the service providers to solve the above problems, but also has 3 advantages, a strong background management functions, such as: a variety of templates selection, Links management, advertising management etc.. Two, the news site, domain parking is directly connected with the Chinese name of news database, according to your domain name categories customized corresponding news, more conducive to the collection, and has a good PR value, such as www.cdche.com, the PR value is as high as 6. Three, ad template edit AdSense, Google, and Ali mother advertising can put Chinese name. In this way, the income, the PR value had, also easy to search, easy to find buyers for you, this is not what we want. Now the domestic domain names are quite cheap, CN 2 yuan, com was only $39.9, the price is not a problem, only the domain name and the use of creative. Since then, the domain name parking let a person manage ten thousand domain names have become very simple.