Ginkgo dilemma – small entrepreneurs in the eyes of the big VC

ginkgo does not appear on your VC list. You can think one should not have any omissions, you can also think it is your list one or some VC alias. It doesn’t matter to me. Ginkgo biloba as the mainstream of VC, total silver as investors in investment circles illustrious. Entrepreneurs are able to get the money ginkgo, silver investment in their own glory – it is no exaggeration to say that this is the dream of China’s small entrepreneurs hearts.

had received a total silver phone, that I would throw my ginkgo, very excited: I do like my total silver point? In fact, I just know later, silver in circle of exceptional professional investment. It is normal for him to be dismissive of small projects, but he remains highly sensitive to investment opportunities regardless of size.

then I saw him very quickly. "Don’t talk to them again," he said to me, "I’ll vote for you." At that time there have been several investors decided to invest jointly to me, of course, although they are not pushovers, but compared with ginkgo, fame is not so big. Is there any small entrepreneur who can resist this temptation?.

in order to insurance, I find a senior ask. "If you are sure that ginkgo is going to vote for you," said the elder, "the rest of the money is out of the question.". But I have to remind you that you are probably going to be the last toss, it is best to take them to 5 million yuan deposit, if he does not vote you, you do not give him."

the predecessors did with Ginkgo (you see, the older face of temptation). However, it is said that the investment failed, the total silver litigation and the deposit paid back. Predecessors but I have sincere words and earnest wishes, blood boiling: ginkgo’s 5 million what? That several investment institutions also anger against pleased: Ginkgo proved their eyes take away other’s woman by force. They all asked me to stay five points, leaving a point, as long as I let the ginkgo with the cast on the line, the price is not to talk about, what price I ginkgo what price".

Term Sheet (investment letter of intent) signed, due diligence is also completed soon, professional and meticulous. The next month and a half, I have enough time to appreciate the style of ginkgo.

"I’m abroad." "I’m not at home." "You can find someone." Simply put, I can’t find the silver. For me, ginkgo has become a legend, can not be expected. I can’t sit still. This situation I completely unexpected, so helpless. Term Sheet asked me not to give up this he did for investors or eclectic. I can only wait alone, silently bear.

finally, under the urging of my almost impatient patience, I sat down again in his office. This is the last time, The imprint is engraved on my heart. "This is a good project," my project manager said to me, "but now there is the fact that our other team, decided to