Microsoft began to please developers – how to respond to the development community



this month, Microsoft moves frequently: last week held in New York Windows 8 and Surface after the conference, Beijing time this morning and will be in San Francisco Windows Phone 8 Conference; and in the end this Wednesday, Microsoft was held in Washington on the 4 day Build Developers Conference logo series activities.

from the last move seems to be quite a bit of Microsoft developers to please the meaning. It is so, because the Windows 8 Platform in the future is in the hands of the hands of developers, especially considering the number of Microsoft Surface evaluation are mentioned: the most of people buy Surface is the problem of "the application is not enough".

Windows Store in terms of the number of existing applications, said Microsoft was "mediocre" as of press time: Windows Store estimates there are 10 thousand applications, while the app store has 700 thousand single iPad iOS application. Among them, the use of widely used Hulu Plus, angry birds and Skype before Windows 8 release hastily "arrival", domestic QQ today is just released its Windows 8 edition; and can run on Windows 8 Twitter and Facebook, has seen its shadow.

however, developers of the Windows 8 is still quite demand in the development process, from the "Microsoft Developer Conference for a period of 4 days within 1 hours that is sold, or you can slightly see one or two.

, however, the development of community is how to respond to the development and application of the 8 platform Windows? "To look for individual users separately below market as the representative of the iCandi Apps founder Andy Weekes, as well as the business user market as the representative of the Myriad Devices chief executive James Dravitz strategy on this issue is how to treat.

Andy Weekes, iCandi Apps founder: Microsoft contact me to develop its platform application

before entering the software industry and the establishment of iCandi Apps company, Andy Weekes is a high school music teacher in Bermingham, england. The courage to cross the line, because he has been interested in computers and technology.

Weekes became a developer in 2008, when it was affected by Steve Jobs in iPhone 3G and App Store app store conference keynote speech. In 2007, I was queuing up to buy iPhon>