From the grass root, fans of the three stage rocket business community

At the beginning of the new year

, a lot of people in the next year the trend, said wearable, Internet banking, mobile providers have said, some people say education will burst, but if I predicted that the economy will be the focus of community next year.

in the PC Internet era, the most typical community model is Baidu Post Bar, which was born out of the grass root culture of the Internet, the so-called "grass root to the world", "the core of grass root culture" is actually "I am unhappy, I disdain, but I exist", coax, onlookers the fight is "grass root" is an important way of brush.

but in addition to the sense of existence, but also to pursue a sense of belonging and identity". Like "Rice noodles", "kerosene" is the "grass root" brand by "material yonghuai" brush "sense of belonging" embodiment. Now the product is actually show consumers taste props, define their social status, function is just an initial trigger point or starting point, if there is no product behind a certain number of fans of the group, then the product is certainly attractive, either function is not extreme, either by the user can not in the role your body. Millet reason for the fever and health, is to build their own sense of ultimate. Therefore, the future of the brand is a certain need to rely on the fans, the brand is a conspiracy between the product and the fans in a sense, the so-called no fans, not brand".

advanced form of community economy is to allow fans to achieve a sense of accomplishment, this is what I see only positive and island.

"grass root world", but the so-called "grass root", it may just flow.

to the no fans, not brand, the value of the enterprise has been revealed. Many people do not understand how to assess the valuation of millet to $10 billion, because people do not count your sales and profits, it is considered the value of fans. According to the estimation of the market research firm Syncapse Facebook, each user is worth $174, BMW was $1613, $177 for the Starbucks, Coca-Cola is $70, you say how much millet value? So, some people say that the logic of thinking for the valuation of 100 million yuan, I think it is not high.

I said that the social economy is the next year’s hot spots, referring to the next year there will be more like a group of such thinking out of the community, but it may be too late to come back next year. Any new things have a window of time, as I expect WeChat public number time window deadline in October last year, not to say that after you have no chance, but will be more difficult, the absolute strength you stronger.

but one thing is the same, any enterprise, any product, you have to try to find their own fans, to form their own community, but the premise is to shape the charm of their products.