Wu Longjie a detailed analysis of the 5 ways to make money Seoer

Why did

learn SEO, learn what is the use of SEO, in fact it is to make money, compared to the traditional industry, making money through SEO has many advantages, such as less investment, whether you are working for other people or their own, is to make money, including SEOER take a long-term vision, focus on the future, this the article mentioned SEOER need to learn, are in fact in the future can earn more money, ha ha, said are directly, but I think it is directly good, as long as we go through the proper way to make money, earn more money, there is no wrong, after all, today’s materialistic society no money, it means you lose the chance of survival, in order to survive, we must make money.

before I wrote an article not to blog as a tool to make money, why do you say that, no, not what a famous blog content to attract readers, whether you hang more advertising, did not earn much money, but it will also lose the user experience, your blog traffic will be less and less finally, you still can’t make money, in fact, blog hang 1-2 advertising is relatively good, when your blog has a certain reputation and flow, it is hard to avoid making money, start hanging too much advertising in your own blog, is not to earn money, but also the loss of the user, if you really want to make money, I’m here to tell you some than a lot of ads in the blog to make money some more, mainly for seoer.

1 through large traffic sites earn advertising fees

analysis: through the flow of money, this method is believed to be the most SEOER and individual owners are using ways of making money, by optimizing some popular keywords, their own sites do more than ip10000 day, not only can make money through advertising, advertising can also attract enterprises.

has the advantages of simple and easy, don’t like to do product station, need to do customer service, purchase, delivery, if the flow rate is great, can earn a lot of money.

disadvantages: more difficult, and the cycle is relatively long, generally a site to get good traffic, at least 3 months, only rely on advertising to make money is not a good way to make money.

2 provides enterprise SEO service analysis

              through their orders provide search engine optimization services for enterprises, now a general term do at least 3000, and a website generally need to optimize the 3-5 words, you can consider yourself a website optimization is good, can how much money.

advantage: relative to do traffic station to make money, is a good choice.

disadvantages: this way you need to have a single can, if there is no list, but also to make money, and now do SEO services for individuals and