Micro-blog on the road of development with Witkey

a few days ago accidentally discovered several good micro-blog tools plus fans (5 Sina micro-blog tools to help you quickly improve micro-blog fans Japan, over a thousand) strolling in these tools on the platform have discovered a new type of Witkey Wangzhuan platform "micro propaganda", he is a guest the platform specifically for Sina micro-blog and micro-blog NetEase.

, that is to say, micro-blog fans many bloggers gathered together, and to do publicity and marketing in the micro-blog platform, advertisers gathered for a micro publicity intermediary platform, the integration of resources, to achieve their own interests.


model is very simple, but he catered to the micro-blog development opportunity and businesses pay more attention to micro-blog market opportunities, but now micro-blog money is not very perfect, blogger and micro-blog quality is uneven, are some small transactions, also do not know whether the development of.

but let me be inspired, their vision of the market is Octavia, micro-blog looked at the fire up, you know micro-blog mining opportunities, and such people are not few, looking at micro-blog’s market gradually expanded, all know that want to play tricks on micro-blog, the way to increase the number of fans, improve the visibility of micro-blog the. It was in keeping with a lot of micro-blog mentioned above plus fans tools, and sending private messages, forwarding comments and a series of batch with micro-blog development tools, then there is micro-blog behind the Witkey, there will be a lot about micro-blog’s peripheral products and services, but also hope this market can provide good health development. The advertising platform for the webmaster.

before, blogs and websites after a series of development, I understand a truth: any product or platform, even if it is again good, also do not use non formal means and no moral way to profit, this will only be Shajiquluan or gained nothing anti-corrosion one meter. In order to truly be successful, you need to have a good model and formal ethical way of doing, the optimal resource integration and maximize the benefits, so as to long-term development and go more smoothly, farther and more successful ~