My Chinese medicine Station GG is how the day into 10 knife

station, about IP3000, GG included average around $10, feeling pretty cool. GG industry price is really high, I is the medical station! Because my grandmother’s family medicine, and in the country’s largest Chinese market base, so make the local medical stations, to facilitate their query medicine market price fluctuations


let’s talk about my experience of the site, in 2002 started, the time is to catch up with the Internet bubble period, I happened to catch a tail, then online free space very much, what 8u8, what, what are called unlimted. etang, I have applied for, also is the free space the station reminds me of my desire. It was time to cultivate my interest in building. With the bursting of the bubble, in 2003 to study hard to build knowledge, exercise the ability to access the internet. For the first year (with their own domain name has been registered foreigners), spend 100 dollars to buy the first payment space. At that time felt that a pay space cool! Can be tied to the domain name, you can use the FTP, support dynamic program! In 2004, because at that time do not know who to buy the domain name from the buy, renewal has been bothering me for a long time, finally decided to start, also registered several domain name, web site from the start of the to do something new, change the concrete content, then my space has become the most headache for me, one is the capacity, one is stability, when she was still a student, no money to invest, but the website traffic into a steady upward trend has stabilized IP Independence Day! In the 1000-1500. In 2005 after graduation to find a job probation base salary 1200 yuan, work second months and others flat-share their first server is 350 yuan per month. At that time, the feeling and the first time to buy a paid space. The beginning of a period of time is very good, and later with the increase flat-share people, and increase the number of websites, the server always crashes, I flat-share third months out, alone rented a double railway server monthly general configuration of friends of 600 yuan, when my work is 2000 yuan. The site is at this time of rapid development, and this time I made a few stations, each station is an independent IP on the 3000-5000. most of the data included in the Baidu 18W. In the middle of 2007 did not stand, the acquisition of a year of Chinese herbal medicine, earned a car money! In 2008 the Chinese herbal medicine market downturn, prices generally fell, and dry up the bank: station!

about my money, I rent a server or a month to spend 600 yuan now, but my server configuration is much better than before, I take out more than and 10 G to hire 6 of my friends, are engaged in the local business network. I received 1000 dollars per person, which received a total of more than 6 thousand dollars, while I try to run Qi advertising is not satisfactory, but still earn 100>