Drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs far from reality absurd

TV posters, the protagonists spoof photo of Jobs’s classic action (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported on April 22nd

drama to doctors, lawyers, politicians, police story over and over again, Hollywood finally set their sights on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and farmers who codes.

HBO in the latest comedy "Silicon Valley" (Silicon Valley), a series of satirical spoof and exaggeration of the strange phenomenon of science and technology circle one shake out. In view of the controversial drama caused by insiders, HBO has recently announced the renewal of the second season.

is different from the general situation comedy, "Silicon Valley" has a more clear story line: entrepreneurs Richard and his friends how to code farmers on the way to resolve all kinds of frustrations. They can not be successful is not yet known, tragic and lucky that there is already a large company and an investor at the same time fancy Richard developed a compression algorithm.

this eight episode drama currently broadcast only three episodes, entrepreneurs play staged for the plight of the science and technology circles is really too familiar: high to sell the company or to win investors money? Big company quickly developed a similar product how to do? How to give investors a satisfactory business plan the name of the company?

actually registered by other companies?

do not think this drama will sing the praises of Silicon Valley innovation and people fighting spirit, and do not hope to learn from this play. Because, in the writer and director Mike · (Mike) in the eyes of the reality of the Silicon Valley in the story of the story than he was also reflected in the absurd and bizarre (Judge). This exudes a deep sense of irony comedy may be more like a "mirror: let the people of Silicon Valley to see how rich their living conditions of delight.

is precisely because of this drama is too exaggerated plot settings, "Wall Street journal" website science and Technology Edition in each episode will be published after the author of the article, pointing out that the plot and the reality of the inconsistencies. In the second episode, for example, when investors asked Richard to give a business plan, the only way to think about the idea was to find a business plan in Wikipedia. The careless entrepreneur even did not know that the premise is to take the investment with the corresponding registered company. In view of these circumstances, including KPCB and some VCs have pointed out that such nonsense entrepreneur does not exist in reality.

in the "Silicon Valley" of the story, the entrepreneur, the code continues the image of agriculture for their impression of the outside world, such as unsociable, casual wear, see the beauty helpless, even held a Party seemed abruptly, but don’t underestimate a group of people may at any time will be upgraded to become a millionaire. As for the description of the boss and investors of the big technology companies, the show is not