Ali mother rights and interests of the Federation was formally established

sky, Ali mother received notice, said the website advertising statistics we anomalies has been banned by clicking the way of advertising. And freeze the poor Palestinian ad. Upon receipt of the notification, immediately self-examination, found no problem, then in accordance with the requirements of the application. Two days later received the following reply:

"I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thank you again for your support for Ali! "

for the above reply, I hereby questioned Ali mother:

What the

Ali mother website to take what protective measures? A statistical anomaly casually banned website advertising, and freezing point called advertising webmaster hard-earned, whether this is to burn the bridge after crossing it we do not deny that there are malicious? Hand foot, but would rather kill ten thousand, can not escape a fish "really hurt the enthusiasm of the day and night to support you always do for your contribution to the webmaster


at the end of March and early April a large number of Ali mother alliance station was stopped pay per click permissions. Ali mother in the customer service forum is also a cry, of course, I am no exception.

personally feel that this large-scale station was not a general behavior.

1 time highly unified

basically at the beginning of April.

statistics on how many stations in April was inexplicable "data anomalies" sealed!

2 reason highly unified

reason is "data exception".

above questions, and therefore questioned Ali mother! By the way, I also told Ali mother, integrity not only let us these grassroots webmaster commitment, the same, Ali mother should be more iron shoulders moral!

our website: at any time to accept Ali * * * ad anomaly inspection, I also the first time to reflect the customer service Ali mother.

reflect the problem address:>