Four years of bitter free Wangzhuan talk free Wangzhuan development trend

a personal profile

to briefly introduce myself, I graduated in 2007 from a second rate University Physics Department, muddleheaded went to a town to work, 900 yuan of wages cannot feed their families, the office has a computer, no matter when playing Warcraft three, until it is unable to survive began looking for a way to make money on the internet.

two, free Wangzhuan bitter history

to introduce Wangzhuan course of my experience, I basically witnessed a free Wangzhuan era is very ashamed, groundless talk, a few months than those of cattle up person, I’m a real bird, fly too slow:

1, the first stage: the end of 2007 I sleepwalk from Baidu search to a project Wangzhuan news times, I started a long career part-time wangzhuan. From the time of the leading website Wangzhuan friends make net start click the rebate, remember every day from a few cents a few cents is how excited, after all, I really make money through the network, in 2008, it was during the click commissionable project red sunset period, a total of 30 registered a click on the project about a day to play commissionable can also get a few dollars.

this phase of the total revenue of about 100 yuan during the boom is more popular projects, especially in foreign countries, when the lose trading is very hot, a lot of days to earn a thousand knives.

2, the second stage: the operation for a period of time, must rely on talent to make money to pull this kind of project development, I do not want to do this post everywhere toil live, therefore, in April 2008 began to build your first website, did not know this thing CMS, built by D8, that is I the most diligent one day, watching video online, constantly modify, site has little traffic, 10 IP a day or so, built a team back to his commission, but because they don’t want to be a little customer service, therefore, commissionable team has been running well, no stable membership, the second half of 2008 in the end, click Wangzhuan, I have no confidence to do.

this stage income knife in 40 or so, until now I still PAYPAL, 50 knife under very difficult to find people to exchange! This stage is higher click the peak period, almost every day a new opening and closing click Wangzhuan! Everyone can easily operate about 30 click the project. Friends earn net is the leader of this period! The Japanese income is easy 500 knife above, there are a large number of faithful and I click!

3, due to the third stage: click Wangzhuan downturn, commissionable team basically shut down, start playing DNF, fascinated by the elegant blue boxing, although at that time is an absolute winner of the occupation.

this stage, the site has not been updated, not what the whole income, Wangzhuan industry is very low, the forum is pessimistic.

4, the fourth stage: 2009 >