Network pushing industry vertical search

"domestic Internet the first" Hi2000 (002095) recently announced that its "affiliate business treasure" ( will promote the implementation of the "professional search engine strategic plan", launched a thousand industry website search platform "business search based on B2B in the field of electronic commerce, special location for business people service.

business treasure this move will bring a new impact on the current competitive B2B market.

build resource islands

Sheng chairman Sun Deliang said, "the industry of business search" category for business customers in vertical search search, and search engine has several significant differences: one is "business search" with professional data sources, the data from many professional website small portal + alliance ", which is the comprehensive from the search engine technology is difficult to achieve. The two is "business search" conducted in-depth classification of professional data source, divided into "business" and "product", "enterprise", "information", "business", even the "investment" and "stock" search, make search results more precise.

it is reported that the "business search" is the business treasure for the B2B industry to develop a professional search engine, the purpose is to integrate business information scattered throughout the more than 3 thousand industry website, through a unified vertical search platform business treasure, a huge "alliance system", the more than 3 thousand industry websites by fight a lone battle the "information island" and integrated into large army joint operations "islands", to create a service for the whole industry has the ability of business people "search engine industry".

industry insiders pointed out that the business search to take the B2B e-commerce and industry search engine closely combined with a new B2B model, opened the search engine market to a new channel for professional development. On the one hand, the search engine market to create a huge new blue ocean, on the other hand, there is no doubt that will exacerbate the fierce competition with Alibaba and other domestic B2B market giants.

search engine specialization

Chief researcher Chinese

B2B Research Center Zhang Zhiqiang pointed out that the development of a comprehensive search engine will be faced with a contradiction: on the one hand, the pursuit of information capacity, on the other hand, the pursuit of the retrieval accuracy, but more large information capacity, will inevitably lead to decrease the precision of retrieval.

this is a pair of internal contradictions, the intensification of this contradiction is the bottleneck of the development of integrated search engine. The only way to break through this bottleneck is to develop a vertical professional search engine, professional search engine will become a direction for future development.

business search is an accurate solution to the problem of B2B domain information retrieval and an online solution. Sun Deliang stressed that business search is part of the business treasure strategy, a long-term layout of the project, the short term can not achieve large-scale profit.

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