Part 7 Beginner diary daily income of hundreds of projects

Wangzhuan the things, that is not also is. Wangzhuan the things, that is not is not is not.

had to admit that 2009 is a year of Wangzhuan, too many projects waiting for people to do. There are good and bad. Have heard people say, what is the novice veteran Wangzhuan earn money! Why not? The whole world Wangzhuan advertisements, seemingly projects advertising, advertising seems tutorial.

Wangzhuan technology?! but the demand is not high. Wangzhuan is the idea of the king. Click on the forum, registration, investigation, mail, do not know what to do. 10 dollars a day is not also tired. This is not only the need to sell toil, thinking and execution.

first analysis of the feasibility of ideas:

CPA was developed in October 08. The market is still very large. 1 billion 400 million people. Revenue convenience. The system is perfect. A lot of people say that SP is good, I do not deny that SP can make money, but the technical content of the SP is indeed too high, not a novice can do. The page is not doing well, the flow of the release of the time is not right, and so on are likely to cause losses. But CPA is different, because of its registration does not charge any fees, greatly improving the registration probability. And my approach is to increase the probability of registration to more than 20%. A registered 0.45 yuan, 100IP at least 20 people registered, that is, $9. If you do 1000IP count union buckle is also at least 50. 1000IP difficult? 10000IP on the network can be found everywhere, not to mention 1000.

actual operation process:

has thought all right. Now what’s missing? How do the traffic flow!? very simple! The Wangzhuan forum everywhere, large and small forum add up to hundreds of millions of daily IP. As long as you can intercept 1/1000 already can not lose. Want to get traffic from a specific field, you first have to study the psychology of Internet users. Fangyanwangqu Wangzhuan forum advertisements, exaggerated point beginner have been tortured The people are destitute. Free items, full of joy into the point of promotion. Fees not timeliness is a liar, but can pay the tuition. So this group of people is characterized by the urgent need to find a good project, it is best not to pay tuition fees, if it is just released today is better ~~~~

and I, in each big Wangzhuan forum post, Title: "don’t pull off the assembly line, do not pay tuition, the new May 12th CPA project earned 200". Think of the way to the top of the post, you use the software is also OK, artificial line, in short, do not let it fall. As a result, I think, post click rate is quite high. My station came in one day 2000-3000IP. And the probability of CPA registration up to 20%.

I am not a master, I will not control traffic, I do not have money, I can not do the bidding. I can only rely on their own ideas, this is my core competitiveness.